New for Simbi Supporters and Organizations: Projects!

Simbi has traditionally focused on encouraging members to make a variety of useful and fun services available to the community. Connections for deals can also arise from other Simbi members responding to your requests, but requests generally haven’t received as much attention as their service-based cousins. This will begin to change, as Simbi transitions from creating simbi credits primarily as bonuses for signup/engagement/referral, to empowering nonprofit organizations to create simbi credits as they reward volunteers for work.

Nonprofits need help. Since the launch of Simbi Organizations, nonprofit orgs with a profile on Simbi have been able to post simple requests for help just like everyone else. But we want to keep going further to empower everyone in our community to help those organizing for good causes to achieve their charitable and social goals. Helping out another helper is its own reward, but getting simbi credits too is even better!

With the launch of Simbi’s Projects feature, administrators of Simbi nonprofit organizations (as well as individual Simbi Supporters and owners of Standard Organizations!) can break a big, complex needs into multiple associated individual requests, grouped and displayed as a single project!

How Projects Work

  • Like requests, project pages are visible publicly by default, and can be paused or deleted by their creator.
  • Changing the status of a project will apply the status change to all associated requests.
  • Projects display a “budget” that totals up how many simbi credits each associated request is worth.
  • Requests can be added or removed from projects at any time by editing the project.

How to create a Simbi Project

  1. Log in to your personal Simbi account
  2. You can log in as your existing Org (see below), Create a new Org, or make sure you’re a Simbi Supporter!
  3. Create a new project! (You can also scroll down on your dashboard, just past “Requested Services” to “Projects” and click “Add Project”)
  4. Associate existing requests before saving and publishing your new project!

How to log in and use Simbi “as” your Organization

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your personal Simbi account
  2. In the top right menu, click on “Your Orgs
  3. Click the “Login” link to use Simbi under your Organization’s identity!


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