Introducing Simbi Experts!

Simbi is a great way to connect, learn, help and be helped, but it’s not always easy to quickly understand the experience level of fellow Simbi members offering their services to the community. 

Some people offer services on Simbi as a way to practice, learn, and grow their skills and experience towards future professional goals. Others with existing professional skills offer them out of a desire to give back to nonprofit organizations and individuals in need, or to help others while also promoting their paid (in $) services available elsewhere outside of Simbi.

All of these individual uses for Simbi are valuable for the Simbi community and the nonprofit organizations our community supports, so it’s important to continue to find new ways help highlight the diversity of skills and talents contained within our community. And, the “Talented” badge has long been one way to acknowledge this fact.

We think adding new “Expert” and “Top Expert” level-up badges will be a great additional step towards helping everyone in the community get the most out of their Simbi experience! We hope you enjoy the feature, and always encourage any feedback, especially if you notice anything not working as described! We’re a small, mostly volunteer team working to make the best possible experience for the Simbi community, and we need all the help we can get. Ready to get your Expert badge? Read on!

How to become a Simbi Expert

Simbi Experts are veteran community members who have many Simbi deals under their belt in a particular service category, and consistently high ratings for all help they’ve provided in that category. To achieve Expert or Top Expert status and showcase the profile badge:

  • complete 5+ deals with unique Simbi users unrelated to yourself for services in your chosen category (10+ deals for Top Expert)
  • maintain an 80%+ “Expert” rating for all deals in your chosen category (90%+ for Top Expert), as measured by a new question presented to service recipients during the rating process
  • maintain an overall rating of 4.5+ (4.8+ for Top Expert)

Below your profile badge, a text description will also be displayed for any categories in which you’ve achieved status, along with the date you received it!

Are there any other benefits to achieving Simbi Expert status besides the badge?

We’re constantly working to improve Simbi’s usefulness as a nonprofit resource for community and individual development, and we’ve got some exciting additional plans for how to enable expert Simbi community members to find extra professional value without forcing them to other platforms, all without compromising the non-commercial values at the core of Simbi’s mission. Keep an eye out for announcements detailing these changes in the near future!



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