Maren: “How Simbi Helped Me Make Music”

The following story is written by Maren Elliot, a member from Edmonton, CA. Maren is a professional musician and singer with a degree in psychology and music. She has over 20 years of performance experience singing in choirs and playing in various classical, roots & jazz ensembles, as well as a background in West African drumming & music.

Starting a business from scratch is hard work. I am still learning, sometimes fumbling, and developing skills as I embark on a journey of self-employment in the arts.

There are a lot of obstacles and barriers to people who create careers in the arts. I have been told by some that it isn’t just worth it- that it would be easier in the long run to pick a path in life that is straight, clean, and clear. Nursing, perhaps? Some other kind of billable vocation wherein I will give up autonomy and find stability? The reasoning is that I can always ‘squeeze my passion in on the side’. I don’t know, perhaps it is just the stage of life I am in but that really doesn’t sit right. To have a calling shoved, between cracks, as an afterthought into the scaffolding of my life.

I am forging a path as an artist and music teacher, and it may be winding and unclear. I am learning more and more. Simbi has been absolutely wonderful way to connect creatively with others in a way that removes barriers to people starting their own business.

I joined Simbi in the spring of 2017 and taught my first Simbi music lesson via Skype to a woman in Quebec (I live in Alberta). It was really fun to connect with someone across the country who was so open and willing to learn, we even talked about brushing up our second languages (her English, my French, since we both speak both). I am looking forward to teaching more like this to students all over.

I have also made some deals with people from various locations all across North America. A graphic designer in Toronto, a writer from L.A., a Chicago-based entrepreneur. Even if members aren’t able to provide exactly what I need, or even if a deal isn’t struck, I have found people are still often willing to share some insights and point me in the right direction if I can. For those who have provided me with services, I feel I have a growing list of people who I can trust and come back to for the future.

I love the friendly atmosphere and the eagerness to be of service to other members that exists within the Simbi community. Everyone is just so nice! It is also  really neat to browse services beyond what I know I immediately need. Sometimes I will see one and think ‘hey, that would be really cool!’ As someone who enjoys making connections and experiencing new things, I love being able to build a list of ‘favourites’.

I hope that Simbi continues to exist and grow a network of active members. I have been recommending it to many of my friends who are doing their own thing or starting up a new project.

Simbi helps shift the focus for people like myself- to learn, to connect, to create & to share.

Maren Elliott

Simbiotic Stories are real anecdotes told by you and other Simbi community members. Tell us about your Simbi deals and experiences with other members. If your story is published, we’ll credit your account with 150 simbi. Submit your entries by starting a conversation with us via this link.




Emilie: “From Business to New Friendship!”

The following story is written by Emilie Nguyen, a member from Stratford, PE. Emilie is interested in photography, professional photo editing, graphic design, music composition, drawing, and web design.

I actually found Simbi through a Facebook ad! Normally I ignore ads in my news feed, but I felt drawn to this ad and actually ended up sharing it with my friends and coworkers! Simbi is so unique and different from the typical marketing system. I feel like it’s the start of a whole new way of life that focuses on working together and exchanging our own unique talents for other’s own unique talents. In my opinion, that’s how the world should be. I absolutely LOVE the concept of providing and receiving services without having money involved.

With Simbi, it’s so easy for real friendships to form from business deals. There’s so much communication, it’s easy to walk out of a business deal with a new friend and great business connection (which, might I add, has never happened for me before)! Presently, I am helping someone with proof reading their website and online store. While working on this project, I’ve made wonderful conversation with this person and have found we have so much in common! We’re Facebook friends now to say the least! This person quickly went from business partner, to a great new friend and I have Simbi to thank for that- from business to friendship!

Apart from completing other people’s requests, I am also able to easily find connections to help in my own requests! A few days ago I posted a request looking for people to help me learn new things along my spiritual journey. Within hours I received about 5 or 6 responses which was way more than I was expecting! I’m going to be receiving coaching from several people now; some professionals in that specific area, and it won’t be costing me a cent. There’s just no way I could receive this amount of coaching without a physical cost outside of Simbi, let alone I wouldn’t even know the first place to start looking to find them.

As far as what I would like to achieve using Simbi, I really just want to grow as a person. This platform gives me an opportunity to help people while also helping myself and getting educated. There is a really big community here that is willing to teach, so if there is anything you’ve ever wanted to learn, you’re more than likely going to find someone that is offering it. If by the off chance no one is offering, it’s just as easy to put in a request and have those people come to you.

I’ve come to learn Simbi isn’t just a place to market your services without the use of money, but it’s a really incredible place to gain strong business connections, form wonderful relationships, as well as gain an education and service you wouldn’t normally be able to receive – especially not for free. With Simbi, I am able to receive services I normally wouldn’t be able to afford out in the real world. I’m so thankful I found this service while scrolling through my Facebook news feed because in more ways than one, it’s changing my life in such a positive way. I can really see this platform being the start of something much bigger.

Thank you for everything, Simbi!

Emilie Nguyen

Simbiotic Stories are real anecdotes told by you and other Simbi community members. Tell us about your Simbi deals and experiences with other members. If your story is published, we’ll credit your account with 150 simbi. Submit your entries by starting a conversation with us via this link.

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