Announcing the Simbi Supporter Badge

User accounts on Simbi have always been free, and Heart of Avalon will continue to have these same free accounts on Simbi—for as long as there is Simbi.  Your data on Simbi will never be sold to anyone, and only used for your activity on Simbi.

Your support of the Simbi community by connecting with other members to offer or trade services is always the kind of support we need in the Simbi community.

We are launching a new Supporter Badge, which you can activate on your account by voluntarily committing to a monthly or yearly monetary contribution of any size. This Supporter Badge will show on your profile and is, of course, completely optional. Please consider how you benefit from Simbi. You may already realize that when you commit to support Simbi directly, you are helping to keep Simbi alive for everyone, even helping those community members who are not able to directly support Simbi. So, if you are able, please consider activating your Supporter Badge. (note: this link will only work if you’re already logged in to Simbi!)

When you commit to support Simbi, your contribution allows us to continue basic operations (“keep the lights on” as they say), make improvements to Simbi, including improvements to Simbi groups, features to enhance local connection, and ways to make it so that you can easily find the support you need with Simbi.

Simbi has some on-going service needs that, at this current time, can only be purchased, not bartered. We know that if we’re going to ask for financial support, the Simbi community deserves to see where that money goes, and how any particular contributions play into solving the overall goal, which is keeping Simbi healthy and available for the long-term.

That’s why we’re sharing a simple “open monthly budget” with the Simbi community, so anyone can see the impact of their financial support:

We’re also sharing community-wide Supporter contribution stats here:

How do I get started?  
  1. Make sure you’re logged in to Simbi!
  2. Visit your profile, where your badges are listed.
  3. Scroll down the the “Supporter” badge, and click “Become a Simbi Supporter
  4. Enter your desired amount and contribution frequency, and your credit/debit card details in our secure form (processing by Stripe)
  5. That’s it! Your badge will stay active as long as your Supporter contribution subscription remains active!
Questions or feedback? Send us a note:



  1. Alisha

    Hi there, I’ve contributed to Simbi but I can’t seem to access the list of supporters (which is supposed to be at — are you still planning on sharing those stats?

    • Simbi

      Hi Alisha! Supporter contribution stats at are visible to all logged-in Simbi members. The stats are aggregated (total active supporters, total monthly contributions, average contribution size), so we don’t currently list Supporter names there, but the Supporter badge shows up prominently on each Supporter’s Simbi profile. We’ll consider how best to feature that list of Supporter names & try to get that included!

  2. Alisha

    Thanks for the reply, I didn’t see this until now! I guess what I’m trying to say is that the URL doesn’t lead me anywhere (even when I’m logged in) so, names aside, I’m not seeing any of your aggregated stats whatsoever.

  3. Brian

    So if I’m getting this correctly, the supporter badge has been available since September 2019, and at present your monthly income is $48.42, and your monthly expenses are $1,535…

    So how long are the lights going to be on? Or are you going to post a contribution bar like on Wikipedia before that happens? 😛

    • Simbi

      We’ll keep them on as long as we can! But you’re correct; the numbers do need to change this year. If we thought a Wikipedia contribution bar would have done the trick, we certainly wouldn’t shy away!

      Thanks for caring!

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