Simbi CD 501(c)(3) Operational Expenses

Below is a breakdown of the monthly expenses required to keep running.

Monthly Cost
$ Web HostingAWSKeeping the lights on!
$250Customer Support ContractorWill SalinasKeeping Simbiotes happy!
$60*Customer Service ChatIntercomOur direct link to Simbiotes!
15* email serverSendgridKeeping emails flowing!
$0* Code HostingGithubKeeping our code organized
$0*Company email & docsGoogle WorkspaceKeeping our team organized
$0*Simbi team chatSlackKeeping our team coordinated
$0*Simbi blog Web HostingWPEngineOur public journal!
*discounts for nonprofit status
$1,125 Monthly Budget


    1. This monthly budget doesn’t include any costs that would be required to improve Simbi’s services or platform (see “Stretch Goals” below). But, one step at a time!
    2. Rest assured that these numbers will change considerably as Simbi moves through different phases.
    3. Finally, you can always see our current monthly donation revenue from Simbi Supporters in real-time.

$5,000 (one-time cost): Overhaul Simbi Credit creation functions via custom web development to improve Simbi community dynamics (easier, more magical discovery and offer-need matching)
$30,000+ (one-time cost): Overhaul Simbi credit database design to utilize decentralized, ultra-secure blockchain protocols (using a mission-aligned protocol partner such as Holochain, Celo, or Trustlines)

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