Tips from our Star Members!

We’ve reached out to some of our top members to ask about any tips and tricks they recommend for creating the best Simbi profile possible.

Member Kimberly Lougee shares her thoughts!

Choosing the Right Picture:

If you let Simbi choose your service picture, be sure to go back and double check that it accurately reflects your service.  You know your service the best, so make sure the picture is suitable and provides the right impression for your audience!

Display your Work!

If offering a piece of art or jewelry post at least one picture of the style you work in. This will showcase your talent and provide other users a clear picture of what you are creating! Additionally, if you already have work that you’d like to sell on Simbi, head to the Simbi Market and post here.

Be Honest!

All services have value no matter what level you may be at.  Admitting that you are a novice is ok, and recommended. You never know what experience level someone may be looking for!

Keep it Simple:

Only offer one type of service per post.  Long lists of services you offer can get confusing.  Highlight your awesome talents one at a time to cut back on any questions regarding what you are offering.

Clear and Concise Headings:

Be specific with your heading. It’s the only thing a user will see when browsing the site. Be creative with it.  Keep it fun, short and professional for the best results!

Be Responsive:

Simbi recommends responding to all messages within a 24 hour period for the best results. Respond in the same timeframe you would want someone to respond to you. If your response late is low, someone will likely move right past your profile.  If you are too busy one week or will be away on a trip put your profile in vacation mode so others know you will be gone for a period of time.

Remember, reach out to as many Simbi members as possible to get the full value of living symbiotically!!


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