Dhanesh: “Home Away From Home”

The following is a symbiotic story from Dhanesh, a Simbi member currently making his home in Bellevue, WA. Dhanesh is a technology enthusiast with a great passion for designing new software. Apart from his interest in development, he loves photography and teaching.

I’m relatively new to the United States. Back in my home country, I was always involved in a variety of entrepreneurial discussions and philanthropic projects, but when I moved here I felt totally disconnected and alienated. Due to work commitments and restrictions, I couldn’t get involved in social circles that I was used to. Then I learned about Simbi.

More than the system, I found that Simbi was a place where we could interact with likeminded people. People willing to help, give feedback, appreciate your services, and endless other positive community reinforcements.

I started interacting with people and quickly realized the serious potential of Simbi: we can give back to the communities in which we live. There are many people interested in learning how to code and by being limited by my area/social circles, I used to find it difficult find the right opportunities to volunteer my help.

In Simbi, I can actually help someone to learn something new without asking for money in exchange. In return, I can get my small requests done, and there’s always someone willing to help out.

Another aspect of Simbi which I love is the wonderful people associated with its membership. I have witnessed a very open and caring culture across the board. The social verification process using social media profiles really increased the genuineness of each member and made me feel more comfortable to interact.

My story would be incomplete without mentioning the Simbi Team Support Group. They have answers for every questions and they are always willing to listen. I once reported a bug which was not reproducible to their team Simbi, and their approach was totally mind blowing. They acknowledged it and since they were not able to reproduced, they promised that engineering team to look into it. It proves the sense of commitment to the product.

Good Luck with the venture and hope we all will benefit together. Let’s let our deeds pay for our needs — not money.

Dhanesh N.

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