Olivia: “Dreams Can Come True”

The following is a symbiotic story from Olivia, a Simbi member currently living in Austin, TX. Olivia is an avid exercise enthusiast who is not fond of cooking, but needs to eat a lot! She joined Simbi with the goal of finding a personal chef, and her dream came true.

Simbi was the answer I had been seeking for years. I eat a lot but hate to cook. “What if I could trade personal training for a personal chef?” I asked others and myself. I tried posting this request on another website and was denied. Bartering not allowed!

Alas, along came Simbi and my dreams came to life. After meeting with my chef, Marisol G., at a coffee shop I went home with a bag full of enough food to feed me for weeks! She had prepared three different vegan meals, per my request, and packaged them in trays covered in foil. I was delighted. Three days later we met at a park and I gave her a great workout of lunges, push ups, planks, and pleasant torture.

Three weeks later and here I am continuing to brag to coworkers and strangers that I do indeed have my own personal chef. I feel so pampered! Each week the meals get tastier and are exciting. I absolutely love being spoiled by a chef! It’s what I have wanted and deserved for years, but would have never been able to afford.

The possibilities are endless! Marisol cooks my dinners, but now I’m looking for a chef for breakfasts, because why not? Thank you, Simbi, for making my dream come true.

Olivia H.

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