How to price your service

Price in simbi? – What the heck is a simbi? How much is a simbi worth?!

Pricing your service isn’t always easy the first time around. And we don’t want new members getting hung up on it, so here’s a quick 3-part guide to pricing your service in simbi.

1. Relax – it’s always negotiable

Before you spend too much time worrying about it, keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. No one can “click to buy” your service, and how much you’re willing to charge is always up to you. You can renegotiate your price privately in conversations with other members. Not to mention you can always go back and edit your price entirely.

2. Start low

We recommend starting off low. If you get more hits than you can handle, then you can consider upping the price to lower the demand of your service. Starting off with high prices can be dangerous. The average member on Simbi has about 80 simbi in their account. Price too high and it could take a while before someone contacts you.

3. Look around

Feeling uneasy about the price you’ve set? Browse the site for services like yours. Look around and see where you fall in. See if you’ve priced competitively and make edits.

We all want to make sure we set the right price for our services on Simbi. It’s key to our success. But at the same time, it’s nothing to worry about. So long as you start low and land your first deals, you’ll find your sweet spot in no time.

Cheering for you,
-The Simbi Team

Other Common Questions

Do simbi have a dollar equivalent?
Nope – they only carry value within the Simbi network, and cannot be “cashed out.” 

Why is there a currency in the first place?
Good question – we have an entire article on this: What are the benefits of earning simbi?




    • Thank you for reaching out, Nathan. If you’re posting ready-made handmade pieces, we suggest you post them on the Simbi market ( You can include a shipping charge in your listing information when creating Market listings.

      Otherwise, when you offer a regular service, please do include a shipping charge in your description and method of payment (most members use PayPal) so that other members know exactly what to expect. Hope this helps!

    • elias

      Same here,
      I don’t feel informed about this post.
      If I would trade with a professional I know I wouldn’t mind going 1h for 1h, but using a currency confuses me.
      Should I compare the currency with “actual” currency or should I just look at simbi’s market.
      What if i usually charge more than another photographer and not only figure out my price by service type but also service quality ?

      * going through registration process and posting first offer *

      • Simbi

        Hi! Sorry for such a long delay in our reply. Since its early days, Simbi is moving towards a model where nonprofit organizations are the “central banks” who create simbi credits on our platform, by rewarding volunteers for their organizations. We encourage them to see simbi credits as roughly 1:1 with dollars, and to reward volunteer work in rough proportion to the national standard accepted “worth” of volunteer work, which is ~$27/hr for 2020: — so someone volunteering for a nonprofit Simbi Org could expect to receive 25-30 simbi credits per hour of their time given. With this as an initial guideline at the currency’s point of creation, that reference can flow throughout the Simbi economy.

    • Hello Cheyenne, thank you for reaching out! It looks like tutoring services range from 10-25 simbi / hour. Have you browsed the site to see what other members with similar services are offering? That will help you gauge the right price for your service. When browsing, you might want to refine your search by entering the specific tutoring service you offer in the search bar, for example, “Physics tutoring”.

      Hope this helps!

  1. I am having difficulty seeing how much a Simbi credit is worth if you CANNOT “cash out” I am not going to use one Simbi per on dollar IF that’s not the current rate at which a Simbi credit is worth. . .

    I think a lot of people feel the same, and because of this may raise their Simibi rates for their services while keeping their dollar value for their services the same. I see the potential for HUGE discrepancy here.

  2. Kip Wilson

    Some services I offer have various packages and pricing.
    Can members create a page listing their services, then sub pages with each specific service and then listing for each item and or package?
    Or do you just have to list each service, package and price individually?
    If not being able to group list them on a page, some may think one package does not offer enough when another package is available or may think one package is too expensive when a lower cost package is available to meet their needs, but may never see the other option(s) if they are not listed together.

    • Greetings Kip! Thank you for reaching out. We currently don’t have the functionality to create sub-pages but we’ve added that to the list of features to consider. For now, you could list each service separately. Or you can create just one service, but list the different packages in the service description. You can always negotiate and change the simbi amount when sending a proposal. Hope this helps!

  3. Mike McCreedy

    This is such a great idea, I would like to be involved spreading the word about this type of economics. I honestly believe in what your company is doing. Please contact me if I can offer anything. I have over a decade of IT experience along with various other skills.

  4. Sara

    I can’t seem to enter your site to browse….like Kat’s inquiry above…you told her that you can by selecting “see more links” all I see is field asking for to fill in my offerings…his to I ge to your main landing page? Thank you

    • Greetings, Sara! It looks like you’re in the Onboarding phase. To exit and browse the site freely, please scroll down all the way to the bottom and look for a “Quit & Log Out” button. That should take you back to the landing page. Please let us know if you continue to have issues or have other questions!

  5. I’m licensed massage therapist in the state of Iowa. going rate for a massage is between $70 -$85. For a brick & mortar building. I travel to your home or office.(gas/carupkeep) so I had an additional $10 so My asking rate is $95. How does that convert to SIMBI system? Thank you know peace~alex

    • Greetings Alexander, we do not have an exact conversion rate — but we suggest browsing other services that are similar to yours and see what those members are charging. We do recommend starting lower and then making your way to the perfect simbi price. From doing a quick search on Simbi we noticed that 50-100 is the going average rate for massage therapy sessions. We hope this helps!

  6. Kathina

    This IS THE SAME thing as time bank….they price at hours needed to COmplete a job….if that helps…so keep $ out of the equation and think how much TIME is this worth. 1 hr. = to 10 simbi……please correct me if im wrong or missing something?

  7. It seems to me there should be a commonly understood exchange rate between real dollars and simbi. I charge $100 an hour for my service in real life, but I understand that 1 simbi doesnt necessarily equal 1 dollar. I also know that I can look around at the average rates others are charging, it’s just a thought I had….

    • Simbi

      Hi Nick! It doesn’t *necessarily* equal one dollar, but that’s the closest reference point most people have for how to exchange value. We avoid direct exchange rates to help keep Simbi credits out of the realm of “speculative” currencies.

    • Simbi

      Hi CJ! It’s definitely up to you to price and package your services on Simbi however you’d like! But in general, the closest approximation for how to think about Simbi credits is that 1 Simbi credit = 1 dollar (not that this always holds, but there’s no other direct reference to use & many folks’ services are priced using that reference).

  8. finn

    I love how much of a solution this is… in so many ways…but cannot stop from being concerned about this rheotiric that we should price super low & then go look around on Simbi & make sure that we are charging “competitively.”
    as an artist I recognise that it only hurts other artists & myself to downplay our value & undercut each other…disturbing the market..teaching the audience that art is cheap (most artists are already making well below min. wage..
    the same idea applies for other work ive done as well- nannying, odd jobs, healing, consultation, logos…

    I’m a bit sad about this push to be competitive & cheap… was hoping this would be a solution to capitalism, not a other arm of it..

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