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The way members get to the top of search results on Simbi is anything but random. And with over 30,000 services offered on our site, reaching the surface may not come that easy. Having said that, it is by no means difficult, either! We asked ourselves, what makes a member top-notch? What qualities do our most symbiotic members possess? Using these questions as a guide, we created a system that showcases deserving members at the top.

So, the question still remains: How does one get to the top of search results?

1. Score high on your Profile Strength meter

Simbi | Profile Strength Meter

Details, details, details! We created profile, service, and request strengths to encourage members to be as thorough as possible. Other members should know exactly what to expect from you by reading your profile, service, or request listing. Members should have the information necessary to gauge trust and quality right from the get-go. We appreciate descriptiveness and honesty, and hence reward it. Fill in every section and meet the minimum character requirements in edit profile/service/request forms to get your score to 100%.

2. Be active on Simbi

A high number of sign-ins to Simbi means increased activity in the community and prompt communication. Active members constantly contribute and stimulate the Symbiotic Economy, so it’s no surprise that members who log in more often are favored in search results.

3. Keep your response rate up and your response time low

Simbi | Response RateDon’t ever leave other members hanging! Our members have told us that getting a straight answer is much more preferable than being ignored and waiting for a response. That way, they can move on and reach out to other members. If for any reason you are not interested in an inquiry, make sure to say so in a sympathetic way. They’ll understand!

Communication is key in a community-driven place like Simbi, so responding to all messages and responding quickly will pump you up significantly. Want to improve your response rate? You can always increase it to 100% by navigating to your inbox and responding to all messages that have the red “Reply needed” status.

4. Maintain attractive ratings

Simbi | High RatingsAs you probably already figured out, we’re all about that trust and reputation. Since ratings are private, they beckon honest feedback. We use this feedback to identify our best members and feature them. Want high ratings every time? Be real, enthusiastic, and thorough. Be friendly, timely, and professional when providing or receiving a service and you’ll be guaranteed to receive great ratings.

Making it to the top of search results is just a matter of being thorough, active, communicative, and providing a good experience. In other words, just be a positive and symbiotic member, and you’ll be at the top in no time!

Cheering for you,
The Simbi Team


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