Michael: “Simbi, a tale of daring and adventure”

The following is a story written and lived by Mike Shores, a Simbi member based in Spring, TX. His passion lies in helping others: He volunteers as much as he can, and his goal is to start a non-profit to provide self-sustaining communities to homeless families and veterans.

It all started with my birth…perhaps that is too far backwards, so I will fast forward to the hunky goodness that is 21 year old me. I remember I was sitting on the couch (my occupation at the time) and my Fiance flowed into the room with the majestic beauty of a thousand suns, and in an angelic voice she said to me…”hey you should check out this app, I think you would like it.” Truer words have never been spoken. I found myself really enjoying the concept, a bartering economy is much more sustainable in my opinion than classical capitalism.

I devoted my life to helping others, and Simbi gives me an opportunity to funnel my passion into helpful and productive services.

And so began my journey that may yet shape my life. I decided that if I was going to use Simbi, I would use it HARD! Respond to every liking of my service, and reaching out to help solidify if they need my service… Checking requests every day in the hopes that I have the skills to help someone. This was my element, I have a very wide range of skills, and the more I communicate with others on Simbi, the more I’m finding skills that I may not have found useful, but now suddenly this person needs it. I was fortunate to have responses to services nearly immediately when I started.

All of the people I worked with have been lovely and wonderful, diligent in their services to others in a respectful manner that makes me so happy to be a part of the same community. This blog is about a highlight of my own adventure with Simbi, but I couldn’t possibly put that adventure into words without also mentioning the kind souls that have made my experience so enjoyable. And with some of the many helpful prompts in mind, graciously provided by the Simbi team, I will now recite one of my most memorable moments on Simbi.

It was a dark night, thunder and lightening cracking in the distance for dramatic effect. I was sitting in my computer chair (my home away from home) working on the many nothings I had left to do…when suddenly… in the distance… a wailing. The desperate scream of a buzzing phone, calling out to me from across the room. A tingle went up my spine as my mind contemplated what could possibly be waiting for me if I were to investigate this crisis. I slowly got up from my chair, moving in a non threatening manner as to not scare or startle my timid device. Upon getting close enough, I could sense the tension in the air, someone needed my help. I quickly snatched the phone with one and, and pirouetted back towards my chair, the adrenaline pumping out of sheer anticipation of what could be lurking beneath the blackness of this screen. I press the home button, bursting my device into a blinding light, as if punishing me for my own curiosity. I slide my dainty finger ever so delicately down the fingerprint scanner, as all of its secrets are now unlocked for me. I see it, a perfect roundness, frail in design with such a powerful beast inside to show its strength of peace and community in anthropomorphous form. I had received a message, as if crying out from the heavens itself, and it asked me to craft a story the likes of which I had never attempted. This would be my moment, my magnum opus of the existential question that every human asks themselves….why am I here? Well now I knew, I was here to write this story, and brighten the life of this individual the only way I knew how… for like 25 Simbi I think. It might have been 15, I really don’t remember now. I wrote that story, with a prompt that I had never attempted, and shockingly… This person enjoyed it. And that made me extremely happy, because I had never really done anything like this before, and to see it immediately have an effect. It was a moment I may never forget.

Michael S.

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