Delighting in deals: our first exchange

You’re moments away from your first real Simbi experience. Whether you’re receiving, providing, or exchanging services — you already know things work a bit differently here. By taking cash out of the equation, we’re engaging in an economy where human connection is everything. Most of us don’t know exactly what to expect the first time around, so here are some guidelines that’ll make your first Simbi interaction a great one.

1. We show gratitude

Simbi is born, bred, and fueled by appreciation. Gratitude allows us to do something for someone without the expectation of being paid. Yes, by earning simbi we’ll get something in return eventually — but in the moment it feels exhilarating to give without immediate expectation. The same goes for receiving a service. It may feel strange to know that you aren’t going to pay someone after they style your hair or give you a massage, but that’s where appreciation comes in. One member perfectly summed up how he got over his initial hesitation, “after my Simbi deal, I’ve come to a place where I know I also deserve to receive, and that it’s okay to let others enjoy the pleasure inherent in giving.” Instead of ending a human interaction with a cash exchange, we conclude with gratitude. We give freely, and receive freely, it’s the Simbi way.

2. We keep our word

Being a responsible Simbi member means valuing people’s time. The modern world is an increasingly busy place, and all Simbi interactions require scheduling, so we try our best to keep our promises and stay in communication. In addition to being on time, we make sure to perform our service to the best of our abilities, as if it were a traditional, paid job. As a community, we have a responsibility to one another. At the end of the day, we’re all neighbors.

3. We love what we do

Simbi gives us the opportunity to spend time doing the things we love. By engaging in activities that bring us joy, we don’t have to feel like we’re slaving away 9 to 5 every day. Studies have shown that experiences, not money, make people happier. Every symbiotic exchange is a win-win. We get experiences, and we give experiences to others. We also get to share our passions with each other. We get to see a stranger’s face light up as we teach them how to cook our grandmother’s favorite recipe. We get to see a young entrepreneur take their business to new levels with the the coaching we give. Positivity is infectious. It spreads throughout the community. By choosing to provide Simbi services we genuinely love, we enrich our lives and that of the community at large.

By following these guidelines, we can begin to understand how even without money we are rich. We can live in a world where the standard of living is love.

Cheering for you,
The Simbi Team



  1. Theresa

    Thank you for posting these guidelines. “We keep our word” is most important, I think, when it comes to successful exchanges and building trust with other members of the community.

  2. Ray Osborne

    This is ideal for those who have a business plan and want to get experience hiring others to do tasks for them. I’ve met some really talented and friendly people that I call my Simbi Taskmasters. Skillful peeps you can go back again and again with the expected quality of a job well done.

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