Judith: “It was like we had been friends forever.”

The following is a symbiotic story from Judith, a Simbi member based in Beaverton, OR. Judith is a life/spiritual coach excited to share her experiences and knowledge to anyone that is ready to take an extra step in life in order to be more joyful and loving. She teaches and guides people to see difficult situations in a different perspective, allowing them to go through them with more endurance. She’s excited to use Simbi because “exchange of services is a way for all of us to feel more prosperous and worthy in life.” This is her Symbiotic Story. 

Simbi is the best idea ever.

For years, I had actually been planning something like this for my community. I even knocked on the door of my local Home Owners Association. Unfortunately, they didn’t share the same enthusiasm, so you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to discover Simbi. Ever since, I have contacted many different people through Simbi. Every single one of them has been kind and excited to be a part of such a cool community.

Three weeks ago, I posted a request for a physical trainer to help me get into shape. To my surprise, I got a response right away from an experienced guy. When we met that same week, a huge smile broke out on both of our faces. I felt like we had known each other for years. Now, we meet once a week. We don’t just work out, we also add coffee chats to the agenda- woohoo!

I love life. I love people. What better way than to make new friends than through Simbi? I learned to trust and appreciate people as much as I do myself. A cool feeling, I must say.

The Simbi community is incredibly rewarding. As my services grow, so does my network of experiences!

Simply put, I love Simbi!


I have shared Simbi with dozens of people. Sometimes, they’re unsure of what it has to offer. After all, this community is so different from what we are used to. We don’t expect kindness to be free.

After a couple of deals, I heard back from the same users. Excitement and hope in their voices replaced the original uncertainty.

Thank you, Simbi! 🙂

Judi C.


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