Daniela: “What could I possibly offer?”

The following is a symbiotic story from Daniela, a Simbi member currently living in Oxford, England. Prior to moving to the UK, she spent nearly a decade working in Asia, three years in Japan, and six years in Cambodia where she founded an education and youth leadership organization, an education travel company, and an advocacy group working to shift the impact of volunteer travel. She believes Simbi is “a fantastic way to connect with people over shared needs/skills and a way to learn and give to a local (and global) community.”


I’m not going to lie.

I was worried about offering a service on Simbi. What could I possibly offer? People offered creative posts including beautiful, handmade crafts, body and energy work with their hands, and technical services like website design.

I thought, I can’t do those things… At first, I was reluctant to make a trade. However, as I went about my day, I thought about the little things in life that people needed but hadn’t really thought about. Reviewing resumes. Developing a business pitches. Brainstorming a new product. Providing legal aid to social companies.

I realized that I did have skills to share. I was just so used to calling them “my job”. With Simbi, I could use those same services to authentically connect with humanity and earn simbi. Along the way, I got services from other individuals like me across the globe. So cool! 

I remember my first experience clearly. I helped a businesswoman, Sarah with a new pitch. I connected her to others in a similar field and we discussed her value proposition at length. We felt really comfortable from the start- our curiosity in trying Simbi immediately connected us. We shared lovely conversation and have stayed in touch ever since. As each of us stumbles across similar hobbies, we excitedly shoot messages.

I remember the first service I “bought” on Simbi just as clearly. Joseph, a specialized web-URL seller, gave me a consulting session. My guilty pleasure is URL hoarding. Oops! Most of them were links bought for ideas that I had never started. I was on the hunt for a way to make use of them. Joseph gave me great advice that I never would have gone out of my way to find. This was something that always nagged at me, but wasn’t important enough to spend money on.  

Now, when I need to clean the malware off site or a hip vegan recipe, I open up Simbi. No transferring funds. No worrying about credit card payments. The Simbi community’s got your back!

What’s the price? A little gratitude and lots of love.

Here, sharing thrives. High-fives!

Daniela P.

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