Alyssa: “Trust, joy, and passion”

The following story is written by Alyssa Garafolo, a member from Henderson, NV. Alyssa is an artist, crafter, and photographer who is very much passionate about her trades. Her goal is to make every corner of this world as beautiful as possible. Alyssa believes there is a level of trust on Simbi that you rarely see in the world anymore.

I don’t consider myself all that naïve; my sister got the book smarts and I, the street smarts. But that doesn’t always keep me from clicking on random Facebook items (read: ads) that don’t seem completely legit up-front.

Picture it: me sitting at my dining table innocently (yet narcissistically) scrolling through my Facebook feed for maybe the seventeenth time on that cool winter afternoon. I ask myself: when am I going to reach 20 likes on my photography company’s page? I hem and haw about the tragic stream of political banter. Shake my head at the silly cat video, when, BAM! I see an actual non-suspicious-looking ad for an online community where my “money is no good.” Jackpot! I nearly yell out loud to the zero people around me.

As soon as I got on Simbi’s site I felt as if I was home.

Arts, crafts, new age services, design, (the list goes on) all for trade or for “sale” at the cost of so many simbi. I immediately sign up. My light bulb started flickering with ideas of the services I could offer. I mean, I’m pretty stinking talented, so I know I have a lot to offer this community.

Fast-forward to today. It has been about a month and a half since I started on Simbi and I have met a bevy of incredibly talented, humorous, and generous people. I have traded my graphic design, photographic, and paper craft services for various types of art, tarot card readings, and horoscope birth charts. I even have a haircut planned with a local member of the Simbi community, which is simply the sweetest jam on my Simbi toast. Having super short hair means frequent haircuts and I just don’t have that kind of money.

This is just one reason I am so grateful for Simbi: I am able to trade services, saving me a ton of money in the “real world.”

Yet, the most amazing thing about Simbi that I have noticed has to be the amount of trust, joy, and passion that is flying around. You trust that someone is going to keep up their end of a virtual bargain.

And when they do and you receive your service, there is really no way to describe the joy that fills your soul when you realize that you just made out like a bandit and zero money was involved! Then, in the end you are reminded that there are people out there, just like you who are passionately driven about what they do. We are all so passionate about what we do and what we love that we have brought our talents to this amazing online space to share with others.

Sure, there is an amount of silly services and items “for sale” on Simbi. But it makes me laugh and it reminds me to not take life so seriously. If someone is passionate or joyful about sharing that silly service, then more power to them. It is a really warm and inviting community that I am so grateful to be part of. There is something so futuristic yet so old-fashioned about Simbi and I am so excited to be a part of this community today so I can be a part of its inevitable growth and evolution.

Alyssa G.

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  1. Dawn Marie

    Im looking forward to making deals, trading, and being a part of something so exciting! Thanx for your blog post Alyssa G. I am passionate about what I create, and hopefully I can share my passion with a lot of people!!

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