Christopher: “Serving others through Simbi”

The following is a story written by Christopher Geertsen, a member based in Salt Lake City, UT. Christopher likes to get involved in local activity and strives to improve his hometown by running for office and creating tourism dollars. He’s a technology lover who’s proficient in HTML and in setting up various devices. On his free time, you can find him geocaching, growing his “Great scenic photos” Facebook community, doing sports, and attending all kinds of events.

I first found out about Simbi while scrolling through my posts on my Facebook page. The symbol and the message caught my attention very fast. The idea of a trading-based economy without having to spend US currency thrilled me. I first found out about Simbi at the end of 2016 in December.

After creating my account and adding the necessary information, I was hooked.

I caught the Simbi “serving others” bug. I love the idea of buying a service or product without spending real money. I love engaging with others in a friendly and positive way. I was inspired to join because of the beautiful layout and graphic design of the website. I loved the idea of creating services for Simbi and helping others out.

Simbi fascinated me because it was something new and creative. It would allow me to socialize and help other people. I’d be able to learn more about other members, and in turn have other like-minded people learn about me.

I have a warm feeling inside each time I help someone out on Simbi. I knew that Simbi would be a fun activity that I could work on during my spare time.

The most surprising thing I have learned about Simbi is how fun it can be to fulfill requests, make services, and create products. I’ve also been surprised at how many people I have been able to recruit through Facebook so far. I love helping Simbi grow through referrals because 1) it grows the community and 2) I get rewarded! I’m surprised at how kind people can be during deals (but also surprised at how rude people can be at times during different deals). It’s also surprising to see the vast amount of different services, requests, and products that are up for grabs. There is always a wide variety to choose from.

It’s nice to be able to sort the requests, deals, and products by location. This allows me to go local and help people in the local area. I am able to see the people I am closest to. This helps me so I have a general idea of how far I would have to travel to get a service. I can see how far they would have to travel to get to me as well. This allows me to see the best way to grow my Simbi city Facebook page and allows me to contact members in my area about joining the page.

Another feature that surprises me about Simbi is the ability to earn Simbi by completing different objectives and profile sections. This was a lovely feature that allowed me to understand Simbi fast, and get a head start. When I was a newbie I wasn’t able to make any deals with experienced members until a deal was made with another newbie. Therefore I had to find a simple deal. I am grateful to the members that create simple deals to allow for a Newbie to get a first deal fast, so that they can proceed to make deals with more experienced members. Without those simple deals to help Newbis, it would be a lot harder to get a first deal. After I got my first deal, I was hooked.

I then decided to be outgoing, complete more deals, and help people. I decided to go through the Requests section first to see what deals I could make. It was hard at first, but after a while I was making deals in no time and it became easier. I was able to find lots of people to help out in the Requests section. Through helping people in the requests section, I have gained much needed experience, badges, and positive reviews. I am blessed to have inspired so many people through requests. I look forward to helping people in the future through products and services as well, using Simbi. So far I have had a great experience here, and look forward to the future of Simbi.

Christopher G.

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