Skylar: “Hooked by choice: my Simbi addiction”

The following is a story about being hooked on Simbi, written by Skylar Martinez, a member based in Commerce City, CO. Skylar believes “money is overrated.” 

I remember my first day joining Simbi. It was a normal, boring day of Facebook browsing (cliché, I know). While scrolling, I noticed a post about Simbi on my feed. I can’t remember the exact content, but whatever it was, it was enough to get me on Simbi’s Facebook page. I was immediately interested. A place where you trade things WITHOUT money! It sounded like a dream. Months ago, when I first joined the site, there weren’t as many services are there are today, but I was still excited to look around and discover how it worked. I set up my profile, made it look decent, and got to browsing. Since Simbi was relatively new then, there weren’t that many new requests to help with, but after a few months, Simbi got so populated that I became hooked. Completely hooked. I was posting requests every day (partly from being hooked, partly due to being in need) and I’ve gotten to know a lot of other members. I’ve also offered so many services that I’m constantly being matched with others via the Matching Game. Slowly but surely, I’ve become somewhat well-known on the network.

I’ve met so many kind and considerate people, but one stands out. Once, I really was in need of food for my family, so I jumped on Simbi and contacted a few nearby chefs and members offering food services. Eventually, I found the right match: Sierra. She is by far one of the kindest people I’ve met on Simbi. She was offering smoked meat (her husband grills some mean slabs of ribs and chicken). It was just what I was looking for, and to my good fortune, she was able to meet me the very next day. I should mention that I’m a bit of a paranoid person. I never really go places. I had met up with Simbi members in the past before, but this was first time it was going to be at their house. As you can imagine, I ran through all sorts of possible scary scenarios in my head. What if their profile isn’t real? What if I’m their first? Dadadadada. I got there with my tarot deck and candle and all that jazz, and knocked on the door. Yep, just like her profile picture. Everything went perfectly, and everyone in her household was just awesome. Sierra was so kind and generous I even left with some extra meat, more than what we had agreed upon. I’m so happy and thankful to have found her. And I’m glad I could help my family.

Everyone I have encountered on Simbi (except for maybe one snotty person) has been extremely nice and understanding. When I explain the platform to people (I brag about it all the time) I make sure and tell them, “It’s not like a normal website where there are tons of nuisances. Everyone there is genuinely kind, and the site is filled with just the right kind of people. You don’t really need to question anyone. While it may seem like I trust too easily, I must disagree. The site just gives off a great energy that I can’t really pin down. Plus, if you are have a negative attitude and aren’t able to trust people, how will you get anywhere? I mean, of course you should be careful when meeting up with people, but taking risks is something everyone should do, and more so rightfully on Simbi.

Being hooked on Simbi is one of the best choices I have made in my life.

I offer so many services. I never thought I would be so useful in my life. I look at my profile and go, “Wow… Where did all these skills come from?!” I guess I had them all along, but it took Simbi for me to understand that, and for that, I am thankful. I come from a rather poor background, and my family rarely has any money to spend. That being said, when we need things it’s very hard to obtain almost anything. Simbi has given me access to so many opportunities and experiences I thought I’d never be able to afford.

But beyond the material, I’ve even discovered a part of me that I had forgotten existed: spirituality. When I was younger I would look up spell tutorials on YouTube for fun and because I loved mythical creatures, but no one ever believed me when I told them about these things. I was always shut down, but I still believed. After a while of doing that and then driving into my depression from Middle School, I stopped my spiritual adventure. Now I have begun my journey again, and I don’t see myself stopping. My tarot readings have been extremely helpful for myself and many other people. And it’s a feeling I cherish — knowing that I helped someone in a way that many people don’t believe is even possible.

Do I regret being “addicted” or hooked intensely to Simbi? Absolutely not.

Will I ever quit using Simbi? Nope. Do I recommend Simbi to other people? Any chance I get! I know Simbi has the potential to change the world. If it doesn’t become famous, then it wasn’t meant to be huge. Maybe the right people wouldn’t be joining if it got that big. Who knows, but either way, I know Simbi will just continue to get better and better. The developers are always looking for ways to improve the site, the support team is extremely helpful, and the members are some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. What more can you ask for?

Skylar M.

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