Justin: “A worldly transformation”

The following story is written by Justin Walls, a member from Destin, FL. Justin is a writer and developer who’s always looking to explore and expand horizons. He describes himself as an ambitious, multi-talented autodidact journeying through life for a furthered understanding of the world.

I discovered the Simbi community, I long believed that people are generally self-centered and uninterested in their fellow person’s well-being and desires, though I am now gradually overcoming this misconception. Very seldom was it that I ever met another genuine, intelligent, and perhaps even altruistic individual. So, I must thank you, and … all other ‘Simbians.’ It truly is a pleasure to be part of a [global, interconnected] community that’s caring and aspiring for something greater. … I am really excited … and hopeful that 2017 becomes a year of transformation and exploration – not only for myself, but also for others willing to make the best of their lives and the world in its entirety.

Throughout my adult life, I believed people to generally be self-centered and uninterested in their fellow humans’ well-being and desires. Very seldom did I ever meet other genuine, thoughtful, or altruistic individuals. Yet for so long I remained hopeful of finding someone I could trust and confide in — someone with whom I felt compatible and empowered to make a difference. Instead, it appeared to me that most people were too obsessed with their artificial and material satisfactions, too distracted by what entertained and misinformed them, and too detached from the real-world problems that had yet to personally affect them, that they had forgotten the value of leaving their comfort zones — a requirement to building meaningful, lasting relationships, to unlocking new information and new places, and to collaborating and enacting desired changes in the world.

Well, as for me, along came a life-altering surprise: I met the most admirable Ukrainian woman, a soon thereafter beloved friend who, on a temporary worker visa, worked alongside me at some place I never would have been employed, if it weren’t for other then-ongoing and preceding events, to include my military service and the above-mentioned attitude I held toward other people. Long story longer, she and I grew fond of one another, engaging in discussions and sharing experiences unlike anything I’d ever thought possible.

All this time later, she has since returned to Ukraine, but not without having inspired within me a change of heart. A realization that the world is far grander and its people far more beautiful than once conceived. Most importantly, I learned that we are not confined to the attitudes we currently have. There are countless things working in our favor worth appreciating, and this life has endless opportunities for us to better ourselves and the lives of those around us.

By now, you’re probably wondering when Simbi comes into the equation. Well, the answer to that soon follows: as expected, I did all in my power to fund and organize a trip to visit Ukraine with the intent to reconnect with the person most important to me, in addition to at long-last travel for a furthered understanding of histories, cultures, and societies beyond an American perspective. What’s unexpected though, was, amidst my searches to better prepare myself for the journey, I learned of the online community we have all grown to know and love — Simbi. And, I must admit, much like when I met my significant other, it came as a life-altering surprise, but I think it’s surprises like these that make life worth living.

At first, Simbi seemed to me a neat way of trying something new, while maybe learning a thing or two in the process. But I soon realized that I could offer my skills and advice to those who seemed to need it. I could make a difference in other people’s lives, in such a manner that my efforts were and are directly appreciated. Almost immediately, I was hooked. The concept’s so simple, and yet so wonderful: help others, and they will help you, for free! The catch? You become part of an economy that values love over wealth, and serves a greater and much more needed purpose than maximizing profits at the expense of natural and human resources. Simbi serves its participants in such a symbiotic way that you begin to question why any other economy would even be practiced.

Now likely comes the concern, “Okay, that’s great and all, Justin, but what about everything else you shared with us? Why does all that matter?” Well, thank you for letting me ask for you.

See, through Simbi I furthered my understanding of other people, their philosophies, values, and beliefs. People shared with me what mattered most to them, and provided to me new ways of thinking and approaching things.

This has brought into my life intimate friendships and relationships with people who continue to help me in so many ways, from enculturation and learning of the Russian language, to entrusting me with practicing web design for their sites, and educating them of their ancestry and genealogy. Even other people invited me into Simbi sub-communities, better known as SimbiCities, and embraced me and my ideas like no other group of people ever had before. Here, I felt at home — I could be myself and be appreciated for what I brought into the world, even in the simplest of ways. Better yet, I have been and am still in the works of bringing about a revolutionary change alongside some special Simbian sidekicks of mine, in our undying effort to realize our dreams.

One last thing, my dearest reader: now, more than ever, I am excited to travel beyond my comfort zone in the United States. I am prepared to travel to Ukraine in the oncoming weeks to reconnect, volunteer, learn, and explore. To bring about the positivity and love invested into me. This would not have been possible without the Simbi community.

Simbians and my other beloved have taught me that this world has more to offer than I realize, and that caring people do still exist, each with their own interesting ideas and motives. For teaching me that, I am eternally grateful.

In fact, I can think of no better place to be than in a cooperative community full of people making everybody’s lives better.

Justin W.

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