Amanda’s Symbiotic Story: “Prom made possible ❤︎”

The following is a story about prom from Amanda, a Simbi member currently living in Portland, OR. Amanda is a theatre enthusiast and costume designer who joined Simbi to grow her portfolio before college, and meet new people. She says the idea of exchanging services excites her, because she “probably wouldn’t be able to afford something otherwise.”

Growing up as a girl there are two special occasions that you think about: Prom and your wedding day.

I had my junior prom the Spring of 2016. With no money to spend on hair, makeup, and nails, I turned to Simbi. I had seen their ads on Facebook and the idea of trading services was intriguing to me. I signed up, posted a few services, and started hunting for people who could help me with my goal of looking amazing for prom night.

Within a few days, I found someone for my hair, got a friend to do my make up, and someone else to do my nails. I went into the hair and nail appointments not really caring what I got, as long as it looked good. By letting the artists do their thing, I was pleasantly surprised with what I received. I got several compliments all night, on my hair especially. This experience encouraged me to continue to use Simbi to grow my portfolio for colleges and scholarships, and to become part of a community.

Post prom

Since then I’ve been recommending Simbi to my friends, especially those who are in the same financial situation as me. I’ve done many deals, over 25 and counting, and through these deals I have met lots of new people and formed bonds. I’ve designed book covers, helped people find job openings in their fields, designed logos for businesses, and so much more. I really enjoy that I can do what I love and help others at the same time.

Amanda R.

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