Grow Your Local Simbi Community!

Need more local services? Looking to help us out by helping Simbi grow? More members mean more services offered, which directly translates into possibility, prosperity, and abundance. Check out our guide for ideas on how to spread the word about our community.

1. Host a Simbi Swap Meet

Have people over for a Symbiotic potluck or meet at your favorite community space. Meetups are a fantastic way to meet new people, swap services and grow your network. Let us know about your event and we’ll email Simbi members near you to inform them of the gathering. Be sure to have a good mix of fellow members and people who have not joined Simbi yet. You can ask fellow members to offer their services during the event to make it extra symbiotic. Encourage everyone to bring guests and to share their talents at the get-together. Your guests will experience first-hand how fun and valuable being part of a Symbiotic Economy can be.

2. Talk to local groups that might be interested in the Simbi community

Give a presentation to your local community groups on how Simbi can benefit and enliven your area. Examples of local groups include arts & music groups, schools, universities, churches, and volunteer organizations. You’ll want to highlight services that are not only coveted in general but are especially useful to that specific community you’re reaching out to and you’d like to grow. For example, a local volunteer organization that wishes to increase awareness and recognition could make use of an SEO specialist or a marketing expert.

3. Post your referral link in Facebook groups

Make a list of your passions, hobbies, and interests and join Facebook community groups that reflect that list. There are Facebook groups created for just about any topic you can imagine. Once you’re in, create a post within that group with an intro about you, favorite services you’ve received, and your referral link. Be as natural and as “you” as possible, so that people know it’s a genuine invite, and not spam. This method has proven to be fruitful; a fellow Simbi member earned 700+ simbi (and counting) by posting her referral link in different Facebook community groups!

Simbi | Post Referral Link to Facebook groups
Example of a post in a Facebook community group

4. Reach out to Newbis near you

Make deals with Newbis in your area and contribute to their successful growth on Simbi. Fun and friendly first deals get new members really excited about the Symbiotic Economy. If a Newbi lands a great first deal, they become likely to invite their friends, creating a cycle that has an exponential effect on member growth. To browse Newbi services, visit the Newbis section of the Simbi website. To filter and view Newbis near you, simply select “Distance (nearest)” in the ‘Sort By’ dropdown.
Simbi | Newbis search results

5. Distribute Simbi flyers containing your personal invite link

Let’s not forget about traditional direct marketing! We’ve created an editable flyer where you can insert your personal invite link and can hand out at gatherings and events. Paste your referral link into the editable field of the PDF, and your personalized flyers are ready for printing!

6. Invite your friends individually

Invite your friends personally or via email, and let them know that you believe they have great skills and services to offer on Simbi. A direct invite is so much more powerful and personal than simply sharing a referral link.

7. Build a friendship economy

Create a collaboration network with your friends. If a friend of yours is giving you a hand, pay them for their deed in simbi. If you’re doing your friend a favor, set up a service and have them make a deal with you. You can get very creative with this system and apply it to any activity, from game nights to baking cookies or even babysitting.

Simbi | Spread Simbi

Now, let’s get the ball rolling and make the Symbiotic Economy a widespread community!



  1. Janettee McCrary

    I’d love to see a way to create groups that can be embedded on a website. Or perhaps you’re willing to do this for a large community website? I run several and would love to include this as a feature.

    • Simbi

      Hi Marty! Thanks for the feedback. We’ve de-emphasized local groups and in-person meetups in recent times, especially in light of the pandemic. We hope to begin to showcase and encourage them more heavily again in the coming year!

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