Jason: “Community – it’s the Secret Sauce”

The following is a story from Jason, a Simbi community member based in Berkeley, CA. Jason a technology developer, game designer, entrepreneur, inventor, and artist, looking to create immersive experiences with new media. He’s the founder and curator of the Memetics: Hacking Belief Systems community on Facebook, which has grown over two years to over 1,700 members. Jason joined Simbi to put his cognitive surplus to good use by improving personal happiness and group connection!

I really love Simbi.com. A friend of mine recommended it and suggested that the secret sauce was the community. With that in mind, I posted a request humorously seeking “collaborators for world take over”. Already that request has spurred many fascinating connections and conversations with people of like minds – that is, people who want to make the world a better place.

The more I dig into Simbi, the more pleased I am by the wonderful people here and all the amazing skills they bring to the community. One of my first interactions with speaking with KJ (Simbi’s CEO & Founder) and learning about the history and inspiration behind Simbi — what a great story and project. In my first week of being a member, I have helped plan dates and received help with a voiceover for an upcoming art project. Many times it seems we can just exchange value for value, but it is very good to have the simbi currency for those times when a direct exchange is not in the cards, when mutual needs are time-shifted, or when a sudden need emerges.

I really like the matching feature of Simbi, which has spurred multiple dialogs with people where we can offer full services to each other. Before finding Simbi, I was a big user of Fiverr.com, which is a great site on its own. However, Simbi creates a feeling of tight knit community which Fiverr does not.

The people in the community are alike in that they are good-hearted and genuinely interested in helping each other. When you have a that as a foundation, all of the exchanges and collaborations become smoother and more positive.

I’m looking forward to organizing a project that is entirely composed of Simbi contributors, both as an experiment to see if it can be done, and as a way to make connections with collaborators who share common values. I believe this kind of exchange will increasingly be how people collaborate with each other.

Simbi’s mechanisms for identity, reputation, and common values make for a safe space to exchange with your peers. I believe that Simbi could be expanded one day into a blockchain-style currency, as the system expands at spreads geographically around the globe. I can’t wait to see how Simbi grows and expands.

Jason A.

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