Tyler: “Might as well enjoy the ride.”

The following is a story from Tyler, a Simbi member based in Oakland, CA. Tyler is a licensed attorney, certified mediator, and trained negotiator. He has also taught 8th grade social studies, organized youth in order to fight against the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and fronted a blues/hiphop/rock band in New Orleans. He joined Simbi as he appreciates reciprocity. Why is he excited to use Simbi? “You only get one ticket, might as well enjoy the ride.”

I was excited about the idea of a symbiotic community, one in which compassionate reciprocity overshadows self-interest. As an attorney, I wasn’t sure exactly how/if I would be of service to someone in a reciprocal way. As it turns out, everything worked out perfectly.

I used to get a massage once a month because my back would seize up occasionally, especially when I worked out regularly. I searched Simbi for options and found Alissa and her boat massage offer. I told her about myself and what I was looking for. She promptly responded, and we set an appointment for the following day. After answering questions about my back in preparation for the massage, I was able to provide minor legal advice regarding a personal issue. It was difficult to value that level of legal consultation. So I decided to simply exchange simbi for the massage. Nonetheless, I felt good about being able to use my experience and knowledge to help a new friend.

The weather was beautiful, and the wind and sunlight were enchanting as the boat gently swayed. Most importantly, the massage was exactly what I needed. My back hasn’t felt this good in years. I will be scheduling another appointment with Alissa soon and will continue to engage in the Simbi community as it grows.

Tyler W.


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