Roxanne: “Art is a blooming business on Simbi”

The following is a story from Roxanne, a Simbi member based in Fortuna, CA. Roxanne joined Simbi for the opportunity to promote her work as an artist. Working primarily with spray paint, she considering herself an “eclectic nerd’ and puts all her passion into what she does. See her work at

Instantly, as I read through the home page of the Simbi site, I was hooked! I can’t remember whose link I clicked on, how, or even why I ended up on Simbi. I guess it was the Universe leading me there all along.

Even while working a full time job, every dime went to bills or sudden expenses. It felt like I never took the time to get little things that make me happy. I was intrigued by Simbi’s ideals to trade for services or use simbi currency, since…..let’s face it, actual cash was too tight to spare.

I consider myself a professional Spray Paint Artist, although I dabble in just about all kinds of art. I posted a service for a Customized Spray Paint Creation in a size that was economical for both parties involved. Within minutes, I had people from all over the country interested in Spray Paintings. It made my heart soar. Excitedly, I’d rush to message them back and in doing so, I found that everyone on Simbi had such great and unique talents!

I have had the pleasure of trading art for incredible pieces such as a beautiful macramé necklace with a hand-carved stone or a few cool pairs of earrings. I have even utilized Simbi to help promote my own Spray Paint Art business. A talented lady crafted me a stamp of my Spray Paint logo that I can now use on the go or at my events. There was a gentleman who was so excited about his Spray Painting that he wanted to do a reveal video on his Youtube along with other Simbi Swag.

Simbi really helped my business blossom by word of mouth and by other creative people taking a genuine interest without the barriers of finances. It is my hope that this truly becomes a global movement. With everyone having so much to offer the world, we are bound to make a difference.

Roxanne D.

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