Lori: “An awesome Christmas party”

The following is a story written by Lori Zold, a member based in Portland, OR. Lori’s real passion lies in technology, specifically using technology to improve business functions. She recently graduated with an IT degree in 2016, and has developed a lot of technical skills along the way. Her motto is “better, faster, cheaper.”

I have been on Simbi for almost a year and I have met some amazing people and received services I never would have dreamed of. So when it came time to throw my first ever Christmas party, I looked to Simbi to get help.

The first step was sprucing up the house a bit. In particular, I wanted to paint my bedroom and the bathroom. I had gotten the paint a few months earlier, but hadn’t gotten around to doing the painting. So I posted a community request to get help. Stephanie responded that she’d be happy to help.

She took over the whole process and got it done in record time. It looks AMAZING.

She was also super sweet and we had a great chat! I paid her in simbi credits and she told me she was using that to get a family portrait done (their first ever).

After painting came the carpet. We have an older dog that occasionally has accidents. I wanted my carpets to look (and smell) their best, so again, I went to Simbi for help. I didn’t actually think I’d get my carpets cleaned, but it was worth a shot. I did a search for carpet cleaning, and I found Jenny. She had posted a carpet cleaning service that uses a special method of cleaning that uses all-natural ingredients. Her method also didn’t use water so it was better for the carpet and pad in the long term. That was for me!

It was a week before the party and I hoped that she could fit me in her schedule. Jenny not only did that, but was at my house at 6:30 am so she could accommodate me. Just… wow! She did amazing work. My carpets are the cleanest and best smelling they’ve been in 2 years.

I told Jenny that I definitely would be using her again in the future (for cash). This was her first Simbi deal and I was really glad it worked for her.

The house looked amazing, but I wanted to make sure that the guests left with a little something personal at the end of the party. The easiest and best way I thought of was to give them a Christmas card. I usually order custom photo cards, but I didn’t want a picture card this year. I wanted something a little more personal, so I turned to Tracy on Simbi. She had done an amazing job with my college graduation announcements earlier this year, and I saw that she was offering great cards on the Simbi Market. I got in touch with her to see if I could order a bunch of cards, and “oh can you rush those” (because, of course I was doing everything last minute). I had agreed to pay the priority mail shipping cost using PayPal. I had 30 of them in 2 days! Handmade and BEAUTIFUL!

So, that’s how Simbi (with help from Stephanie, Jenny, and Tracy) helped make my Christmas party AWESOME! It would not have been as nice otherwise. I am so grateful I found Simbi!

Lori Z.

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