Rhiana: “My saving grace this holiday”

The following story, written by Rhiana Jones, is about how Simbi became her saving grace this holiday season. Rhiana is a member based in Sunnyvale, CA. She is a published author, blogger, experienced customer service manager, and more! Her written work is available online on Kindle and numerous websites.

Christmas is a time of year that is very hard and stressful for me. It’s difficult for my family in general and it’s particularly difficult for me, because my grandmother passed away several years ago. As my grandmother raised me, the holidays are now a sad time for me. This Christmas, I happened to come upon Simbi on a Facebook ad. I just linked through and immediately signed up.

I’ve always wanted to do some sort of barter site, but everything else I’ve seen had expensive sign up costs, long applications, and strict requirements. Simbi was so easy! It was a quick sign up and I was in! At first I wasn’t sure what I could offer, but it quickly was made easy for me. I just searched through the community requests and started offering my services. As I went, I started thinking up all sorts of other things I could offer, and created several listings.

Simbi became my saving grace this holiday season. I ended up putting it on my phone, was stalking my inbox as all kinds of great offers came pouring through, and was able to fill numerous requests from others. It gave me something to concentrate on and made me feel great as I met new people every few hours — and they were giving me rave reviews! My confidence was flying and my holiday flew by with me in a good mood for once!

It’s now only December 30th. In less than a week I’ve done 78 deals and received 42 excellent reviews! I’ve got followers and recommendations and a whole lot of fun badges! Simbi is quickly changing my life!

So far I’ve sent out dozens of random books to eternally grateful strangers. Apparently, this is a popular offer! I’ve gotten graphics done for my blog that look beautiful, had a very nice gentleman fix a technical problem for me that was driving me crazy on WordPress, and I have several great blog posts coming my way from some really interesting people. These are things I could never have afforded without Simbi.

I’ve got some jewelry and art pieces on their way to me as well that I just can’t wait for! It’s not just virtual items and gifts, though. I met this wonderful lady I’m going to be getting private yoga lessons from and I have favorited some massage services that I want to get.

I managed to earn enough Simbi in only a few days to get a gift code for an online certification code I need from work, straight from a great trader here on Simbi. I’ve already signed up for the course and started it so I should have my certification soon. I’ve also received expert college help via simbi credits from an extremely qualified trader. I’ve needed help with my college classes for some time and I never would have been able to pay someone with “regular dollars” for weekly help.

Words cannot express how happy I am with this experience. What has surprised me most is the absolutely pure kindness I’ve encountered from every single “stranger” on here. All of the traders have been so wonderful and several have even started to become friends. I have never had an experience like this through Craigslist, eBay, or any other online site. There are no creepers or scammers or weird hostile people that you get on other sites. So far Simbi has been pure love. The other surprise was the diverse population on here and the high caliber of qualifications. There are amazing artists, PhD professors, doctors, lawyers, and professionals of all calibers. There’s also a huge population of just “regular people” that are qualified in their own unique ways. Everyone has something wonderful to offer and everyone has been so friendly and kind in every way. I cannot recommend Simbi enough and I will be shouting Simbi from the rooftops for some time to come.

Rhiana J.

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