Michelene: “My Magic Carpet Ride”

The following story is written by Michelene Benson, a member based in Cape Town, South Africa. Michelene has 25 years of experience in the training and development sector in South Africa. She loves to combine her intuitive skills to offer wellness and spiritual learning experiences.

I stumbled across Simbi at a time when I was desperately searching for ways to make a meaningful contribution in the world. It popped up during an search I was doing about how to provide online teaching and counseling. The idea of symbiotic trading was immediately inspiring to me because I had used this method informally before. I have secured skills training, counseling, and bookkeeping in exchange for services. All of these services were otherwise not possible to attain because I was not employed at the time. Excitedly, I signed up and got stuck in with gusto.

I was particularly inspired by the values of the Simbi network as I resonated with all of them. It is at this point that I must share a little bit of my personal struggle and vulnerability. I am by nature a carer, nurturer, and a giver. My DNA is wired that way and being a Pisces means I have a chronic need to help and make the world a better place. The weakness of the caregiver archetype is that we often do not take care of ourselves and most often get taken advantage of.

Simbi was a perfect remedy for me. The talent exchange principle enables me to ensure that I receive the balance of reciprocity. My giving is always acknowledged, honoured and returned in some or other way.

Even when I offer “pay-it-forward” services and talents, I do so knowing it is within a community of people who value generosity and consciously receive my offer. My efforts to help the community, invite friends, and share the brilliance of the system were also acknowledged by the Simbi team. This was a very new experience for me and I experienced a wonderful sense of healing from it.

The most surprising element of the Simbi network is the way it has restored my energy and creativity. The economic situation in South Africa took its toll on me emotionally. Lack of funding within non-profit organisations and paying clients in my practice meant that I was unable to contribute effectively within my community. I started to personalise things despite the external factors that were outside of my control. I eventually found myself isolated and filled with despair which was a recipe for depression.

Through Simbi I catapulted out of the depression, the economic limitations and out of South Africa! I am now using all my gifts and talents and it is like a new lease of life. My writing and coaching is valued and utilised in the Simbi community. The affirmations which come by way of reviews and talent exchange was exactly the medicine I needed to restore my sense of purpose in the world. My community has now shifted from the small group of people locally to the global network.

I was elated by this healing experience I started a group on Facebook called Simbi Trading Cape Town to encourage my local community to sign up. I know so many of my colleagues from the non-profit community find themselves in the same situation I was just before I joined Simbi. I have recorded audio teachings about how to use the talent exchange system to encourage others to consider alternative economies. I would really love to trade non-virtually as well and for this I need to get my local community on board.

I’d strongly encourage new Simbi members to have fun on Simbi and have a blast. When I started out, I was operating with old values from the money-controlled economy. I was looking for value for “simbi,” trying to accumulate simbi and hesitant to try new things that were not a priority. In other words, I was still operating on the budgeting mentality. As a result, things remained dormant for me and I became despondent. I’m not sure how it happened but I suddenly shifted my perceptions from the scarcity mentality. I saw the Simbi services as a wonderful playground to explore, grow, and create, and everything changed. I am really enjoying the energy now!

As the world economic systems deteriorate daily, there is an urgency to return to old wise ways of sustainable economies. Currently Simbi is very active in the USA and I would really appreciate efforts to grow it in other countries most especially developing countries. I look forward to supporting the growth of symbiotic trading globally.

Simbi has opened up a whole new world and it has become my Magic Carpet Ride.

Michelene B.

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