Simbi Community Letter #3: Fall is here!


Hello Simbians!
Fall is in the air. Leaves are falling. Chilly winds are blowing. Pumpkin Spice lattes are flowing. It’s time for autumn to start, and that also means the winds of change. 
This month is focused on a lot of holidays and socializing events, such as Halloween & Thanksgiving, as well as lesser-known holidays like International Coffee Day, National Boyfriends Day, Do Something Nice Day, Make A Difference Day, and many more.
October 2021 Community Letter 

Holiday Planning with Simbi

During the holidays there are so many different aspects to take care of! Services such as recipes, decoration planning, meal prep, cleaning, and so much more are available on Simbi!
Check out local services near you for ideas and support this holiday, or offer your own! Let the Simbi community help you and your family!

Need help with an upcoming project?

Great leaders know how to lead a team. Part of that is delegating tasks throughout a project. Let Simbi members help with your large project. Simbi Supporters, organizations, and not-for-profit groups can create a project with a series of requests under a specific Simbi budget. As each component request is added, it updates the project’s total budget. 

Volunteering with Simbi

Simbi needs the support of its entire community to stay strong and successful! On April 28th, 2021, Simbi was granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status in the United States. As a non-profit organization, we would love to get more volunteers aiding us in making Simbi the best it can be! Connect with other volunteers on our new Discord Server to let us know how you would like to assist and improve Simbi!
Simbi itself is also on Simbi! Check out our current requests to see how your skills could help improve the Simbi experience for everyone!
Volunteer badge
Simbi volunteers now receive the brand new “helping hands” badge, designed by Simbi volunteer Qamar
Wanna get involved?
Volunteer now!
Supporting Simbi
Simbi will always be free to use and engage with. That being said, some things we aren’t able to trade skills for, such as web hosting, and other monthly expenses that can be seen on our Operational Expenses page
As a nonprofit organization, we are deeply appreciative of all ongoing financial support we receive from our member community, and provide tax receipts for all donations! 
Special thanks to new Simbi Supporters in September: Pasha, Jade, Chris & Randolph! 
To become a Simbi Supporter, just click on the prominent “Supporter” badge on your profile to get started! (If you’re logged in to Simbi, just click here)
That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for November’s newsletter, and reach out any time with questions or ideas to! Also, be sure to like and follow Simbi on whichever social media you use:
This newsletter was written by Dylanna Fisher, a volunteer Simbi freelance writer. Feel free to check out her Simbi Services, and send her a message if any of them pique your interest.
Dylanna Fisher is a professional writer, creator, and visionary. Since 2017, Dylanna Fisher Communications ( is the business outlet for her trade and expertise which allows her to foster open and clear connections. When it comes to communication, Dylanna is a jack of all trades with services including content creation, marketing, and photography.
©2021 Simbi Community Development, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN# 86-1594541
You are Simbi. Thank you for contributing to your community!


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