Why should I want to earn simbi?

So you came here looking to trade, but keep hearing about these things called simbi? “Why would I want to earn simbi?” you ask. Fair question.  

We at Simbi only care about one thing maximizing the abundance our members derive from the community. We don’t care whether you choose to use simbi or prefer to exchange or gift services directly. We DO care whether you have the tools to get the most out of your time and talents. And thus we created simbi, our internal credit system.

Here’s how they benefit you:

  1. They create flexibility

Arranging direct trades can be tricky. They require a double-coincidence of needs and skills. Money was designed to solve just this problem, but for most people money is overly scarce and largely controlled by governments and massive corporations who suppress wages to generate profits. Much more abundance is possible in the world if we use multiple systems to store value.

When trying to exchange services, you may find that the other member is not offering something that you need, or that your schedules don’t align. Accepting simbi instead gives you flexibility it allows you to provide your service now, and receive one in return when the time and service are right for you. One way to think of it is the service you provide for simbi is ‘deposited’ into the karma bank of the community, for you to withdraw in the future as you see fit.

  1. They help us measure value

Not all deeds are created equal. Hence, if we want to create a new economy that will stand the test of time, we need to have a system that measures relative value. At Simbi, we believe the only person who should put a price on a service is the person providing it. Hence, every member assigns a value to their own service. You know what you’re worth — not us.

  1. They unite us in service

Simbi members are as diverse as they are dissimilar. But we’re all united in building an economy that works for everyone. A credit system allows us to help anyone who is in need, and to trust that the community will reciprocate. Earning simbi is just like accepting karmic coupons in exchange for a good deed. And don’t worry, the community’s good for it. If you work for any member (not just for those whose services you want) any member will work for you. Win-win it’s the symbiotic way.



  1. We need to avoid the use of treasonous corporate script (*money*); it is a meme, a controlling mind trap, and although we are all caught in the trap, we now know it! Thank you for finding a way out!

    I think we need to also transcend the “tit for tat” mentality of debt, where “I did something for you, now you owe me” is the mentality. Our only option for long-term (and not very long-term) survival is getting along with each other and the rest of life on Earth; it’s the only way every one wins. We need to realize what every indigenous culture knows; the Earth is alive, and, if left alone, heals far better than anything we could do to restore health and diversity. We also need to realize that we are all connected to all life; we share the same source, and every living cell is continuously alive since life began, simply because all cells arise from their own division.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christopher. I read the books Ishmael by Daniel Quinn & The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen, many years ago. Both excellent reads & worth re-reading, as I am doing with both books. I love what you said Christopher & hope we can stay in touch through this website. Many blessings to Everyone on this site. Thrilled to be apart of this growing community.

    • Simbi

      There are lots of in’s and outs to how to handle bartering, gifting, and other non-traditional transactions without dollars for your taxes. We encourage you to consult a tax professional — but for most people, it won’t amount to enough to bother with. Thanks for asking!

  3. Angela Rose Young

    I have a general question about how the first person received Simbi? Did they buy them with real money? Did they get them automatically by giving something? How did Simbi originally start to circulate? And thank you so much for this website, it is an inspiration.

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