Getting started with Simbi

So you’ve joined our tribe. You love the concept of doing things you love and getting things you need, but you’re a little apprehensive about how this whole thing works. Meanwhile, you’ve got 100+ simbi burning a hole in your pocket, and a lot of wonderful people out there to meet.

But the question still remains: how do you get started? What are the rules around here? 

With so many options, setting up your first Simbi interaction can be daunting. After all, how many times have you paid for something without money before? Reaching out to the community may be intimidating, but it can also lead to some of the best experiences of your life.

For those of you looking to experience your first dose of Simbi magic, here’s 3 tips we’ve gathered from our star members:

1. Be social

The number one thing we’ve learned from our most successful members is that they put a lot of irons in the fire. They message 5+ members at a time, and see where each conversation goes. In general, only about a third of conversations lead to a final exchange. So make sure you set the odds in your favor by finding out who’s most excited to work with you. Remember, you’re not locked into anything until you settle on a formal agreement. Increase your odds by being open to several different outcomes.

2. Be thoughtful

When writing to another member, tell them a bit about yourself, be friendly, and be human. We’re first and foremost a community, one where our humanity and our economic needs are intertwined. So providing a little extra information about why you’re looking for a particular service can go a long way.

3. Reveal yourself

Simbi members care more about who you are than what you can do for them. Before sending someone a message, update your profile to make sure it reflects who you really are. Read your About Me section and ask yourself, would you want to meet you? Put some love into it, and make sure your heart comes through.

Simply put, if you want a good experience on Simbi, reach out and be kind. We all joined because we love providing a service, and we all want to be appreciated for it. Stick to these 3 tips and we’ll all get what we need without spending a dime. Win-win — it’s the symbiotic way.

The Simbi Team



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