Jake: “How Simbi Helped Me Rebuild My Life”

The following story is written by Jake Johnson, a member from Fort Smith, AR. Jake describes himself as a “Jake” of all trades and loves sharing knowledge.


My family has it pretty rough this past year and a half.

We ended up losing everything.

Slowly, bit by bit, Simbi helped me rebuild my life.

I’ve been able to provide my son with more than just the basics in life, but there were still some pieces missing. With Simbi I am able to trade my talents and passions and meet incredibly talented artists. Now, I am filling up the holes with beautiful art and inspiring people. He has a new dreamcatcher in the mail, which he will be using for his therapy. And I have made a wonderful new friend.

None of this would have been possible without Simbi.

Having had so much success just within my first month of using the Simbi service, I have now grown and am offering more than five separate services. Throughout my journey exploring Simbi, I’ve realized that you need to give back a little something. I was inspired by so many others who were offering services and the payment was simply, “pay it forward.”

That mentality, that one can share without reciprocation, other than knowing that they’ve helped someone else along life’s road that pushed me to offer services just to “pay it forward.” You see, I was using those services, and like everything else on Simbi, they were great.

Now, it is my turn to give back and pay it forward. A little bit of my time, a few nights a week, and my world collides with so many other wonderful people’s worlds. Our minds meet, and in a single moment, our personal spheres truly become one. Simbi fills me the hope that knowledge, experience, and wisdom do not come with a price tag and that they are still highly sought after today.

In the end, services like Simbi have their own place in this world. There are so many amazing people out there looking for the right venue to showcase their talents. They found a home in Simbi- but that’s just the beginning. More and more people will find a home in Simbi.

Whether it’s a fleeting thought, a nagging idea, an undiscovered talent, an untempered passion, or a pure drive to share, Simbi welcomes you with open arms.




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