Sean: “Write and build your life successfully”

The following story is written by Sean Critz, a member from East Peoria, Illinois, USA.  Sean is a father of two and a hippie transhumanist techno-weirdo. He is passionate about video game building and the chance to trade in-life experiences and opportunities via Simbi.

I found Simbi at random on a Facebook sponsored ad, so there’s an example of THAT working. It appealed to me from the moment I took a look at it, but I assumed I’d just be able to get help with random little tasks I needed assistance on – I never imagined what it would actually lead to. I made an account, did a few deals and requests, made a service and messed around for a bit. In a short few weeks, my life has improved dramatically.

I’ll start with my wife who has really taken off with Simbi. She began by offering Tarot readings and spreading awareness about Dissociative Identity Disorder. She’s a stay-at-home mom and has been spending every day on Simbi, gathering up Simbi points, goodwill and connections left and right. Through Simbi, she’s spread a lot of happiness and positivity into the world and has leveraged her gains into the production of a website for her growing art business.

One of the first requests I fulfilled was a simple keyword article. I hadn’t even heard of SEO Services before this site, even though I now see it’s been around since the dawn of the internet. I wrote a keyword article for an owner of an SEO business, and this led to an offer of a paying gig – I’ve been writing all my life, and even putting myself out there and going to college for writing, yet before this site I’ve never been paid! Suddenly, because of Simbi, I’m a freelance writer.

I’ve since gained many opportunities for success in writing due to this massive confidence booster. I run multiple blogs, connect to writers from Simbi and have grown my network of writing connections more than any other point in my life.

I’ve gained confidence in my abilities and hobbies, things I have always wished I could do to achieve success in life, in other ways. I have found someone to write music for my video game projects and have found people to make other assets for them. I’ve had a business consultation and have seen the path forward to moving myself out of the wage-slave world and into a self-run business in the virtualized world.

Simbi is the transhumanist online-existence dream. It’s redefined success, by creating a completely new field with a new community in which you can excel and gain boons and experiences and connections through leveraging your skills. You can achieve greatness without any money involved using Simbi. Simbi’s success is one of the first whispers of the technological singularity, in a movement beyond the monetary economy. You can’t stock your refrigerator yet with yoga lessons, but you can build your portfolio with it. You can find clients with it. And you can find someone to hire you, with it.

I’ve seen people building new groups of services with Simbi. It’s only a matter of time before someone builds a Craigslist that uses Simbi and services to sell your old, used junk, instead of money. Based on what I’ve seen, it’s not unreasonable that there are people out there working a few hours a day at a steady Simbi-paying job. There are detractors and nay-sayers, but let them miss out. Technology will leave them behind, and will carry Simbi forward.




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  1. Sean is one of the writers I’ve hired via Simbi, and he’s a great one! I agree with his POV that Simbi can change lives. In fact, I recently posted to my Facebook friends about this. Simbi isn’t just an outlet for your creative skills – it’s a whole new way of looking at the world! It gives you purpose and you tend to feel like you’ve found a place to belong here.

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