Sharon: “I Responded to Spam Mail- Here’s What Happened”

The following story is written by Sharon French, a member currently living in Bangkok, Thailand, Asia.  Sharon is a weight loss success story. She lost “half her size” at the age of 50 and is now inspired to help others see through their own personal transformation using natural methods. She is passionate about travel, writing and photography. 

What do you do with your SPAM?

A guy sent me his book ad out of the blue on a FB message in the form of a letter. He was in my message requests since we are not friends:

“Hey member,

Just a reminder that the Novel XXX is now out! Don’t forget to place your order today and take advantage of the low price offer.”

Here’s how our email conversation went in response to his ad:

Me: Hi Friend,

What group is this from? I usually don’t get group ads in my FB email.

Him: Its my author page, haha!

Me: Why are you sending book ads to people’s emails? I could send you all four of mine if I felt like it. Post it in the group – or in many groups. I’m a starving writer in Thailand and I have no interest in buying books. But I’m in 50 fb groups for people who do buy books. Much better idea!

Him: I have been trying to find groups but can’t seem to find any.

Me: You can look at my groups on my profile. I’m in about 600 different ones for various reasons. Open the list and use ‘Control F’ for “books” or “reader” groups, or just use the FB search. Also – Pinterest has a million lists of good FB groups to join. You can also search Google for “good FB groups for authors/health/fiction” or whatever you’d like.

Him: I really appreciate that. Thanks.

Me: No problem. Please go on Simbi for more free advice. I’ve been on there since January and I have done about 60 deals. People have done proofreading and written promos for me and even made new book covers. I’m also getting better at my own work since I offer it there. Give it a try!

Him: Wow, I shall do that right away. Many thanks for that.

Me: Thank you! I see you over there already. I just got another deal right now after I sent this to you! It’s a great place.

Him: What do you mean by deals? Sales?

Me: No, it’s all barter. I offer my deals to people and they offer theirs. You trade with points that are super easy to earn. I get points if you join and for your first deal – then you are on your own.

You can get anything done over there. Just search anything you need and people are offering it or at least something similar. I hate proofreading so that’s what I use it for a lot.

Him: I see a guy on there that does video production, does that mean I could do a deal with the Simbi credit?

Me: Yes, you can – it’s a miracle! I just sent you my welcome email with tips to succeed over there. Do something quick and small right off the bat just to get your first deal. Then all the other features open up. I get about an 80% excellent response there. I usually send proofreading to 2-3 people and get 1-2 good answers. Now I have some “regulars” I can count on.

Me: Hey! Very quick on your first deal!

Him: I’m loving Simbi already. It will take some time, but in the end, I’m sure good results will turn in my favor.

Me: Glad to help. Good Luck!

So in summary, replying to a “spam” message on FB got me 50 Simbi in about 15 minutes, a new friend and one less bad ad to many people’s inboxes. Such a win, win, win. I love you, Simbi!




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