Jason: “Shoot for the stars”

The following story is written by Jason Greiner, a member born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Jason is a writer, photographer, and graphic artist. His educational background features a degree in Journalism and a minor in English. Jason is a multi-talented member who offers a wide variety of services on Simbi, from custom necklaces to Virtual Reality help.

Let’s face it; most of us aren’t rolling in the dough if you will. And while we have big plans, we may not have big budgets to match. Some might say we have New York Strip taste on a Big Mac budget. But everyone has something to offer and that’s how I started my venture into bartering.

Several years back, a friend who ran a massage therapy studio offered me sessions in exchange for helping her with her website and my barter fascination was kicked into full gear. At the end of last year, while checking out my Facebook account, I came across her post about Simbi. That’s when I decided to check things out and quickly found myself enthralled with the site and its simple platform for service exchange.

It’s an excellent option for people to connect, showcase their talents, and get some things done that they may not be able to afford in any other way. I’ve used it for help promoting my websites and e-books along with some other services and have had some unique art pieces made just for me, too. A young lady by the name of Alycia just completed a drawing for me that I plan to work into the name of my business. The final product was so nice that I have already set up another project with her and am going to be including her drawing as a featured post on my own artistic blog, Creative Dreamers.

I’ve been delighted by how active the site is and how responsive members seem to be when you contact them. This is not exactly typical when it comes to most platforms on the Internet. Not only does it allow users to make new professional connections, but also friends they might never have discovered otherwise.

One way to improve on any community is to assist it to grow. With that being the situation, my efforts have also included an attempt to get more people to join. To be frank, I’m not the greatest when it comes to marketing and thus find it hard to get the word out to a lot of people. Even so, I plug the site by both social networks and simple in-person discussion. If I can get even a couple of people on board, then it will be to the benefit of all of us using the site.

Having such a positive experience with the site thus far, it’s interesting to take some time to think about the potential it might have several months, years, or even longer down the road. Before there was any form of cash economy, this is what people did to get food, shelter, transportation… Sometimes simpler is better and this could be a way to simplify our ever complex universe a little. Can you grasp the possible benefits here? Less complication can produce more calm, time for creative people to experiment, and something of an even playing field between all members of our society. Okay, that could be a bit of a stretch.

But when reaching for the sky, why shouldn’t we shoot for stars?

Jason G.

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