Jacob: “Something mutually beneficial”

The following story is written by Jacob Ross, a member based in Washougal, WA. Jacob is a writer whose interests lie in a wide range of genres. He’s also a game designer who specializes in board games, war games, and role playing. Jacob’s story is about how Simbi can be beneficial not only to oneself, but those around.

I started my Simbi journey very recently — only a couple days before I wrote this story. A post from an online associate/occasional coworker and collaborator brought me to the site, and I was instantly enthralled.

Like a lot of you, I work hard at my daily grind. However, the work can dry up for days or weeks at a time, which makes it a struggle to cover expenses and to provide some of the finer experiences for my family. I’m currently at the tail end of a relatively idle spell, so I’ve got time on my hands. What’s ideal for my situation is that Simbi provides a platform where I can easily reach people who need my services, freelance writing, editing, and other creative endeavors.

This morning, as I was finishing up my day job as a freelance writer, I got a response from someone with whom I’d matched the previous night. She needed some content written, and it was right in my wheelhouse. I took the time to do research on her topic while I waited for her response, and to even draft up initial content. Within an hour of her accepting my proposal I had finished and submitted the final draft. We both left happy, and are discussing the real prospect of future work.

Simbi made it incredibly easy to find this job. I signed up by submitting a service that I want to provide for people and I discovered the list of Qualified Projects on my dashboard without having to look through lots of vague listings. Simbi’s Newbi status and the way that it structures the workflow and reward system helps to keep the whole process honest, and I felt very secure throughout the project.

What’s the endgame? For me there isn’t one.

I’m going to use the Simbi that I’ve earned in the last weekend to take my wife out and treat her to some of the things that she (as a very devoted mom) doesn’t do for herself. A nice therapeutic massage, a haircut, and maybe some unique art. It’s a lot easier to splurge on someone when there’s no cash coming out of your budget.

Simbi’s structure really helps you to learn about yourself as a person. It might sound corny, but it’s true. I saw how other people are incentivizing their passions, hobbies, and talent to create something mutually beneficial and I was inspired to do the same for myself.

Beyond writing, I plan to offer help consulting about issues close to my heart, including autism, bipolar disorder, and the Great Pacific Northwest.

Perhaps what I love most about my Simbi story is that it can be your Simbi story, too. Signing up takes just a couple minutes. No matter who you are or what you do, there is something that you do in a way that’s unique to you, and there is someone out there who has a use for it. I really hope that you’ll join me, and maybe we can help each other for our next project!

Jacob R.

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