The Next Simbi Thing Is Here: A New Inbox/Messenger

After weeks of testing, design, and redesign, we’ve finally built and released an inbox/messenger worthy of our amazing Simbi community.

Ta-da! So what’s new, you ask (besides everything)? Let’s dive into the 5 main benefits of our new layout.

1. Dual-Panel Design 

Answer messages without leaving your inbox

dual panel inbox

By adopting a ‘dual-panel’ design, we’ve solved the two major friction points of our previous inbox: slow navigation and lack of clarity. With our new integrated layout, you can see all your conversations on your left, while looking at their content on the right (messages).  This new layout results not only in a significant upgrade in visual clarity, but provides our members with the much-desired ability to answer a message without entirely leaving your inbox.

2. Status filters

Cut out the noise with intuitive inbox filters

inbox simbi new filters 2.0

Quickly filter your inbox by status and stay on top of what needs your attention. You can use our new filters to focus on those conversations that matter the most — your deals. In addition, you can filter your conversations by unread messages, completed deals, and more. Pro tip: filter your conversations by ‘Reply Needed’ to keep your Response Rate at a 100%!

3. Press Enter to send

Message at the speed of chat

enter to send message simbi inbox
This feature is a special gift to our Simbi Superstars! We wanted talking on Simbi to be as easy and informal as chatting with your friends. A simple function like ‘Press Enter to send’ provides us with a chat-like experience that doesn’t only make messaging faster and easier, but more human.

4. Tidy up with a click

Organize, prioritize, harmonizetidy inbox 2.0 simbi archiving

Keeping your inbox clean and organized has never been easier. By clicking the checkboxes in your inbox, you can select as many conversations as you want, and simultaneously apply one action to them all. Have a ton of year-old conversations in your inbox? Mass-archive them and focus on those that are relevant today. Don’t have time to reply to some new inquiries right now? Mark them as unread so you won’t lose the sight of them. And now, all inbox controls are now available on your mobile conversations (finally)!

5. Deals made easy

First-time Newbi members have traditionally had trouble navigating the deal-making aspect of the platform. Common questions were, “How do I send simbi?” and “How can I offer my service instead of receive theirs?” Many members also didn’t realize you could send proposals for virtually anything, including proposing to help someone else with their request in exchange for their services. With our new proposal form, you’ll see all your options laid out beautifully and intuitively. No more confusion, much more symbiosis!

Why tackle inbox and messaging?

Glad you asked! Out of the dozens of features and improvements we could have worked on, fluid and quick communication between members was our top priority. As Simbi grows bigger and bigger, even small upgrades in speed and ease-of-use have significant benefits to a healthy community. These new inbox and messaging improvements lay the groundwork for an ever more connected world of Simbians, where our communication is faster and better than ever. As the symbiotic community grows in and outside of the United States, Simbi is beginning to feel like a massive movement — and it’s clear to us that a critical part of keeping our members happy is keeping you connected. 



  1. I would really like to see a couple of optional features in making deals. First I would like to be able to reply to an offer by modifying the offer made, similar to each party in a trade on an MMO can add or remove items/currency until both have confirmed completion of the deal. Secondly, I’d like to offer more than a single service in a deal, which is to say I would like to offer a service at rate A, and should a client request a particular customization or the like I could offer up an invisible deal I have set up, like adding a condiment to a meal.

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