Simbi Community Letter #5: Giving Tuesday Recap

December 2021 Community Letter 

Hello Simbians!The holidays are here! But the world is very clearly, if gradually, falling apart. It’s a strange place to be, isn’t it? Simbi exists to help us get through it all, together.
Yesterday was #GivingTuesday, the non-profit answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and like those commercial sales, many non-profits reported that this year’s results were down significantly from previous years. Everybody’s feeling it.On Simbi’s first Giving Tuesday as an IRS-registered non-profit organization, we took the opportunity to re-invite all old Simbi members who hadn’t logged on this year, and thus hadn’t heard about our organizational transition to a non-profit legal structure.

That was a lot of people! Of the over 170,000 emails that went out to “old” Simbi members from as far back as 2015, 85% were still technically valid, and over 23,000 people opened the email the same day. More than 10% of those people logged back into their account right away to check things out again. (~100 people marked us as spam 😞)

Unfortunately, our outreach to people who previously used Simbi didn’t result in an immediate flood of Giving Tuesday donations or new “Simbi Supporter” monthly recurring donors – but it’s understandable, as that’s a big ask out of the blue.

But, it may have worked as an awareness-builder in various ways: we did pull in new potential volunteers to our Discord, create a few conversations with old Simbi members who now work with nonprofit grant-making organizations, and increase Simbi’s normal web traffic by an order of magnitude (10x) for the whole of Giving Tuesday.

Slowly but surely, the Simbi community is coming alive again!

As long as Simbi exists, our web platform, and the non-speculative community currency that drives our symbiotic mutual aid economy, will always be free to use. 
That being said, there are some things we aren’t able to trade skills for, such as web hosting, and other monthly expenses that can be seen on our Operational Expenses page. As a nonprofit organization, we are deeply appreciative of all ongoing financial support we receive from our member community, and please keep in mind, 
all donations are tax deductible!

Reminder: send simbi credits directly!

Simbi members can now send credits directly to other members, no negotiation required! It works a lot like Venmo or PayPal, but within the Simbi community. The memo line you add for the payment will even create a request listing in your account that you can re-use later! Let us know what you think!
Give it a try:
For more, see our blog or changelog!
Supporters keep Simbi growing!
This is the single most impactful gesture of support a committed Simbi member can make. Special thanks to new recurring donor in November Diane
To become a Simbi Supporter, just activate the mega-badge on your profile to get started!
Volunteer badgeVolunteers keep Simbi going!
Simbi needs the support of its entire community to stay strong and successful! As a non-profit organization, we would love to get more volunteers aiding us in making Simbi the best it can be! Connect with other volunteers on our new Discord Server (current member count: 25) to let us know how you would like to assist and improve Simbi!
Simbi is also on Simbi! Check out our current volunteer requests to see how your skills could help improve the Simbi experience for everyone in the community, and get some simbi credits to spend!
That’s it for now! Hard to believe that next month’s newsletter will hit your inbox in 2022, but we hope your holiday season is as peaceful, safe, and comfortable as possible. As always, reach out any time with questions or ideas to!
This month’s newsletter written by David Anderson, Lead Volunteer & President of Simbi Community Development 501(c)(3). 
Outside volunteering his time to run Simbi, David is a social entrepreneur, and a nonprofit/startup/digital currency consultant. You can read more about him at, and check out his Simbi offerings here
©2021 Simbi Community Development, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN# 86-1594541
You are Simbi. Thank you for contributing to your community! 


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