Simbi Community Letter #2: Volunteer opportunities & more!

Hello Simbi Community!

Last month, we focused on the news that Simbi is now a registered non-profit organization dedicated to individual and community development.

This month, Simbi’s volunteer-led team is looking for help! Consider joining our non-profit mission as a Simbi volunteer!

🤝 Volunteer your talents for Simbi and get rewarded!

Simbi’s successful transition to an IRS-approved non-profit, volunteer-led organization also means we can utilize the talents of volunteers to keep the community growing, and we can also pursue grants only available to registered nonprofits in order to expand to paid staff in the future!

For now, we’ve begun to post volunteer requests for multiple high-priority needs to help in our community’s growth and evolution. Do any of these sound like you? Click to view details and reach out!

Simbi’s team will continue to post new volunteer requests for priority needs as time allows, and suggested rewards are flexible. If you have other ideas for ways you’d like to contribute to Simbi’s success, join our new Discord Server to say hello and let us know how you would like to help! (you can always email as well!

🙌 Supporter Badges, Pro & Nonprofit Orgs

As part of our journey towards becoming a nonprofit, we introduced the Simbi Supporter Badge to enable voluntary financial support of Simbi’s mission. Simbi will always be free to use, but those who are willing and financially able can now support Simbi for those few things for which we simply cannot trade skills directly or utilize simbi credits, such as paying for web hosting.

Also, Nonprofit representatives and professionals who operate under a brand can now set up additional Organization accounts to use from their personal accounts — like Facebook “Pages” — to represent their work!

The only requirement for Pro Organization profiles is that they are required to maintain a Simbi Supporter badge (by monthly or yearly tax-deductible donation) in order to make their professional profile. Nonprofit organizations are free to create, but need to be reviewed for validity by Simbi’s team before they can be published.

Supporter Badge!Become a Monthly (or yearly) Simbi Supporter today!
Or, set up a new Professional or Nonprofit Organization now!
Not ready for a monthly commitment? Make a one-time donation securely via credit card or PayPal!
Remember, all donations to Simbi are tax deductible as of 2021!

Want to help but can’t afford it? Join our new Discord Server to discuss volunteer opportunities!

Whether you donate, volunteer, or simply continue to use Simbi on a regular basis, thank you for helping us in our mission to pursue a kinder, gentler world where strangers help each other because they know that they will be helped when they need it!

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter, and reach out any time with questions or ideas to!

This month’s newsletter written by David Anderson, Lead Volunteer and President of Simbi Community Development 501(c)(3). David is a social entrepreneur, and a nonprofit/startup/digital currency consultant. You can read more about him at, and check out his Simbi offerings here.


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