How to break the Newbi shell

Why does Simbi have a “Newbi” system? Simbi is built on trust and reputation. We are growing quickly, so we need a way to screen new members before they can access more established members of the community. This Newbi system not only helps to protect our experienced members, it also allows Newbis to “learn the ropes” and ensures that they have at least one review before gaining access to the entire community.

Want to break that Newbi shell? It’s actually quite easy to become an experienced member. Here are some pro tips to getting initiated quickly:

1. Make proposals to multiple Newbis at once 

Start various conversations, make many proposals, and see who’s willing to accept your proposal. The more members you reach out to, the faster you’ll land a deal.

2. Offer more services

The more services you have, the higher the chance that another member will reach out to you. Keep in mind that services with specific titles, reasonable pricing, well-scoped descriptions, and honest qualifications get 3x more inquiries.Simbi | Offer More Services

3. Post requests

Ask the community for help by posting a request! If anyone helps you with a request, you’ll become initiated. The Simbi community is a very kind and neighborly one, so there are plenty of members who are always on the lookout for requests they can help with.
Simbi | Post Request

4. Help with Community Requests

Check out our Community Requests page and see if there’s anything you can help with. Newbis can help with anyone’s request, experienced or not. Once you provide help, you’ll be initiated. What’s more, you’ll earn the shiny Helper badge for offering your helping hand.

Simbi | Community Requests

5. Reach out to members who have favorited your services

If an experienced member favorites your service, you can make a deal with them. You can find them under the “You’ve Been Favorited” section in our Matching Game page. Don’t be shy, reach out, and let them know that you’re interested in making a deal!

Simbi | You've Been Favorited

Remember, any deal you make, no matter how small, unlocks every service available on Simbi. Getting your first deal is fun and easy, as well as a good learning experience. So go forth, start some conversations, and get that first deal!



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