Grow Your Groups in 6 Symbiotic Steps!

Yes  it’s true. Our newest feature really lets you create and build out your very own private trading network, with your very own a custom URL. What’s it called? Simbi GroupsNow we can all bring the power of skill sharing to youe real-life communities  whether it’s your apartment complex, workplace, neighborhood, crafters club, school, or PTA. 

For those of you that have already launched their Groups, here’s a guide to increasing engagement and recruiting more member. As more services are offered in our Groups, more and more people will join it, and the more abundance we can create in our symbiotic ecosystem!

Step 1: Join or start a Group

You can check out some of the awesome Public Groups folks have started already, or you can submit your own Group request HERE. Your group can be either Public (listed to the community) or Private (only those with the URL can join it).


Step 2: Get your referral link

Once you have a few services in your Group, it’s time to start introducing new members to the community!


  1. Find and copy your Group referral link. Head to the main menu on your Group homepage and click “Invite to Group”. Make sure your Group name is included in your referral link: (ex: if it’s not included, you may not be on your Group’s homepage.

invite link screen

2. Share your referral link everywhere! Add your link to your email signature, post it in club or workplace forums, include it on your personal website or blog. This link is used to keep track of who signs up through your referral; make sure they use this link so you can redeem your 25 simbi when they join and 25 more when they complete their 1st deal!

Step 3: Use Social Media

Social Media is a great way to get new members to join your Group!

There are several places to find new members interested in joining your Simbi Group, including:

  • Facebook: Posting to News Feed is critical, but getting your message out to relevant  Facebook Groups that are related to the purpose of your Group is extra important. Remember that just posting often isn’t enough — people respond way better to direct messages, or to messages that come from a trusted source. So DM your friends, ask them to share, and reach out to admins or influencers of Facebook Groups or Pages that are relevant.
  • Twitter: Make sure to include relevant Hashtags. This will attract other Twitter users who may not be following you but are still interested in your Group! Search for like-minded individuals and organizations that might like to join the group and tweet invitations directly to them.
  • Instagram: Post an image of the Group’s icon or a related photograph, and include a caption about your new Group with the unique URL.
  • LinkedIn: Post an update (with a link to your Group) to your network so connections that may have similar interests may join. You can also reach out directly to people or networks that might be interested.
  • Nextdoor: If your town and/or neighborhood has a Nextdoor network, sharing the group with your neighbors can be very helpful.

Can’t figure out what to say? Here’s a great example specifically for the Group, Musicians:

facebook invite to group

Notice the messaging is highly specific to the Group’s audience. It’s important that you express why you built the group and the value of joining the Simbi community! 

Step 4: Email

Email is another critical tool for growing your Group. We suggest you personally email each potential member that you know and explain why your Group would be perfect for them.

Here’s a template to get you started:
email invitation

Step 5: Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your Group

The best way to promote your Simbi Group is to tell your friends about it in person. After all, they are most likely to share your interests and want to get involved in what you’re doing! Make sure to explain the value of your Group to them and why you think they should join.

Step 6: Initiate your new members!

Once you’ve got new members joining, it’s time to make them feel at home!

Try to welcome each new member when they join the group. If possible, it’s a good idea to be their first deal as well so they can get familiarized with how the site works. We also recommend that you use the comment section to highlight new members and make them feel welcome.

welcome comment group

Make sure you encourage your Group to make requests and answer any questions your members may have.

Thanks for reading our short guide on how to grow your Simbi Group. We wish you the best in growing your new community!

Happy trading!



  1. Ray Osborne

    Good read, but now that we have built the group with members can we share ideas on how we can improve the group so that members will keep coming back and using it?

  2. Thomas Vinoy

    I have a little bit of knowledge regarding the Simbi group. After reading your article I have learned many things regarding this Simbi group which would be really beneficial for me to get a new member on social media. Thanks for sharing this insight thought with us!

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