Brandon: “Prosperity in the Simbi economy”

The following is a story written by Brandon Barbee, a member based in Chino Hills, CA. Brandon is a CMM programmer for a high-end manufacturing company by day and a woodworker by night. When he’s not working, he loves to spend time with his family, play games, and engage in productive political discussion.

I have only been a Simbi member since July 2016, and I am consumed with the symbiotic community. When I started, I drug my feet for a month while I watched the community evolve toward progress. I felt so left out that I decided to post a skill I have always given for free. In fact, because this service is an unpopular political opinion, it was something I never felt was a skill. But with the uncertainty of politics lately, others found value! The concept of trading services changed my world and is now a new foundation in my life.

My goal is to not only build an empire and create a brand with my name using the resources Simbi provides, but to make Simbi an empire that can provide that value for everyone. The fundamental idea of Simbi catches the attention and interest of everyone I mention it to. What was even more surprising to me was how desperately people cling to the freedom of value Simbi provides. It is only a matter of time before that value makes a noticeable impact on other markets.

This has encouraged me to reach out to people more often. I put a link to Simbi on my resume and my LinkedIn to build my brand and have seen an increase in employment requests. I have included business negotiations with Simbi services I might have otherwise performed for free. One example is when I helped a friend move. I charged simbi and wouldn’t take money. Not only was I able to get value for my labor and recruit a new Simbi user, but I was able to compete with professional movers who were also hired to help. This put an unusual level of competition out there that was impossible for everyone to ignore.

I have also created Simbassadors who sometimes put me to shame when they start trying to recruit others before I get to them. Simbi is much easier to promote to others when you are following up your testimony with another’s. When I talk to professionals about Simbi, I will be as honest as possible and refer to simbi as the site’s Bitcoin. The idea of a private credit system strikes a chord deep within people, and although they may not understand the mechanics of it, they can still see the truth and value in it.

The world is fundamentally changing, and there is much uncertainty about the global economy. Every talking head in the mainstream media is watching the “gig economy” with a critical eye.

Simbi is a no-brainer and whoever is wise enough to invest in Simbi, or even give a fair review, will enable Simbi to shine and reshape the economy in a positive light. This idea has spread into a movement and that in turn will manifest the real change people are looking for.

People are looking for answers to the problems pushed on to them. We are facing problems with politics, big business, economy, and poverty. Simbi, while as small as it is, can contribute to solving each of these problems. In time, the freedom Simbi allows will make us prosperous beyond riches, and can evolve into something that will solve global economic issues. So strap up and together let’s cooperate or compete and watch the world evolve toward actual progress.

Brandon B.

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