Kimberly: “Swept away by Simbi”

The following is a story written by crafter and creator Kimberly Lougee, a member based in Franklin, MA. Kimberly is passionate about sewing, crochet, knitting, costume design, props, boff weapons, macrame, jewelery, and science-based trivia. On top of that, she is also experienced in scene and short story writing, character creation, editing, and poetry.

I don’t even remember how I found Simbi, and it hasn’t been that long at all. Maybe it was one of the Facebook Suggested ads? My first thought was how Simbi is exactly what I wished my local time bank was: active, well linked to social media, easy to browse, virtual-service friendly, and extremely easy to use from my smartphone. My second thought: I need to get all my crafty network friends on here, yesterday.

Thinking of what to offer was a bit of trouble, at first.

When I look at myself I don’t see a whole lot of value in my hobbies, because I’ve been at them long enough that I feel like anyone could learn. I’m convinced that they — and myself — are none too special. I see all the things I can’t do with them yet, instead of how much I am capable of. My first post was a bit of a dud, and my second, too. A couple of ❤️s, but not many, and no messages.

A browse through the requests line, though, set off the avalanche.

Amy was looking for someone to make her a skirt or two. I can sew some, sure. And circle skirts are easy stuff (says the girl who’s been using a sewing machine for 15 years). So, I offer to help, and we start talking. As we chat about construction and materials, I realize that I know a lot more than I was admitting to, and I post an offer for ‘Custom Clothing, Costuming, and More.’

I absolutely did not realize how in demand custom clothing is. Holy cow.

In the first week or so, I:

  • collected 40 ❤️’s just for that offering
  • started ten conversations about possible custom items
  • realized I needed a separate service posting for the extended planning sessions I was pouring time into
  • made it to the Featured Services on the front page (Yikes!)
  • realized that there’s a list of things I’d like to get done or learn (and that it’s entirely a good idea to ask about them on the requests feature)
  • talked one of my sewing & crafting friends into joining
  • got at least four more friends curious
  • and earned my Quickster badge.

And I hadn’t even kicked my Newbi status yet!

The rapid fire list, though, says nothing about what Simbi — and the community — has done for me.

With the help of other members, I’m finally gaining the confidence to bring my business from dream to reality. Dee is helping me get my act together and talking me through my fear of failing on my face when I take the leap of actually setting up shop.

Simbi has helped me find pride in the skills and hobbies I used to brush off. It’s reminded me how much I love to teach others, and how rewarding it can be to help someone. It’s shown me how genuinely good it feels to be on the receiving end of honest, earnest help.

Kimberly L.

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