Saylor- “Passion With A Purpose”

The following story is written by Saylor Northrip, a member from Seminole, OK. Saylor has a passion for sharing her upcycled crafts with others.


“Saylor, come check this out! This just came in the mail today.” My mom held up a carefully wrapped package.

After her first month of toying with Simbi, she made her first successful deal, which prompted me to sign up and create my own account. Within a week, I had set up my own “shop” on Simbi and was already getting noticed- hundreds of people were messaging me for deals.

I told my friends about Simbi, and I’m glad to say that my community is slowly turning into my fellow Simbians! Simbi not only helped me gain the confidence to put my ideas onto paper, but also changed my perspective on different ideas. I became more open-minded, adventurous, and eager to try different things that I would’ve brushed off in the past.

Because I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, I knew from personal experience how difficult it was to get a business on the radar. If I wanted my crafts featured, I had to pay for a stand at a fair or an art show. Simbi gave me a platform to create art and find my voice without any financial limits.

Every morning, I look forward to opening my Simbi inbox. So many fellow Simbians have unique talents, big dreams, and a distaste for uniformity. Feeling inspired is incredibly powerful- exchanges aren’t solely materialistic- rather, it’s more about an idea for a thought.  

I’m just beginning my Simbi journey, but I can tell you that talent is currency, so do what you love.


Saylor N. 

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  1. Hello Saylor, I LOVE your point of view! So glad to see that you’re working so hard at such a young age. I’ve known a few teens who have worked hard like this – and they are all now young adults on the fast track to success! So keep up the good work, and represent Oklahoma 🙂 So glad you’re a part of the Simbi Oklahoma community and can’t wait to see where you go from here! 🙂

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