Miriam T: “One can follow their dream or invent their dream on Simbi”

The following story is written by Miriam T, a member from Morongo Valley, CA.  Miriam has had a passion for holistic health and therapy for a long time, specially for Reflexology, in which she’s a certified therapist. She really enjoys her work, meditating, friends, family, and reading about spiritual and physical health.


By chance I heard about Simbi from a radio commentator in August of 2017. She said she was enjoying it; then I saw that it is free and interesting, with lots of possibilities to give and receive services. I was surprised how fun and easy it was to fill out my profile and describe the service I would offer. I felt good about helping others with my offer of Self Help Reflexology instruction; and helping myself to earn Simbi. In addition to professional reflexology certifications, I have successfully helped my own health so much with self help reflexology, for so many health problems, that I feel competent to help others this way. I like to simplify it for the lay person. My Simbi service instruction offer includes answering reflexology questions.

After answering a couple people’s reflexology questions on the simbi deals, I was happily astonished at how eager I was to reply to their reflexology questions. Then I understood how important it is for me to communicate with a live person, even if they are not there in person. Wow, what a strong incentive to participate, to follow through, to get me active. The truth is, I have been meaning to write a book to go with the DVD I made on Self Help Reflexology. It’s been a plan for years. I had made so many notes, thinking that was a great first step, but never could get myself to sit down and start typing. I even tried dictation and transcription, but to no avail. My dedication just wasn’t coming through.

Then came Simbi, and surprise, I realized that the responses to the reflexology questions would eventually add up to become the book! I was overjoyed at the prospect.

I then started a blog/newsletter on my website, Miriam Turner Products. Overjoyed again! I had been meaning to start a blog for a long time. Not only had I not gotten around to it, but I had a fear that it would be too involved or that I wouldn’t be good enough at it, that it was beyond me. Well, presto, my answers on Simbi were to be transferred over to blog posts. In addition to working professionally, I could continue with my reflexology niche of self help. The local reflexology self help classes that I give are very well received, but infrequent and sporadic because I don’t live near a big city.

Now I have the chance to help people around the world, while receiving so many services on Simbi.

And what next? Next I posted a notice on my blog that, if a reader wanted more prompt answers to their reflexology questions, they should sign up with my Simbi link and get the answers through my Simbi service. I also put the Simbi recruiting link as a separate product on my website products page. I sincerely gave warm thanks to my grown son for helping so much with website technicalities.

Afterwards, while my son put various pictures at the headings for each blog post, I started requisitioning original artwork through Simbi members and continue to do so. Such a joy; Simbi has so many artists; I look forward to Simbi purchases of more and more reflexology art! Who could have guessed, what a joyful adventure Simbi membership could be.

A push for my book and for my blog/newsletter, plus reflexology artwork! Gee, I thought my main intent was to help others with my service, that’s was why I started teaching self help in the first place. Now, what a deal; so constructive. I tell my friends about Simbi and some sign up. I encourage them to share their abilities as services on Simbi, even if at first it’s simply to share a recipe. And suggest that they use Simbi services in so many ways. One friend needs help selling her house, another needs help finding work, and another needs an outlet for her research hobby. I am so pleased to mention that there is no money involved, and that I relate about the almost infinite variety and choices which makes me want to share the joyful, amazing news of how it has helped me.

As time goes on and deals and trades on Simbi continue, I look forward to meeting new friends virtually, learning more about what other Simbians share. I look forward to building my blog/newsletter and to compiling my book, both with lots of original reflexology artwork. Furthermore, Simbi is even great for developing local friendship. Just sharing the idea and referral to Simbi is a special positive interaction. I look forward to a local Simbi group in the not too distant future.

It is encouraging to see the multitude of Simbi activities and trades ongoing. I suggest others just dive in and enjoy the opportunities. Take advantage of information for beginners on the site and just follow the prompts. The site is so well constructed, user friendly and interesting. One can follow their dream or invent their dream on Simbi.

Simbi has great future possibilities. It can bring people together in work and play. It will open new vistas, at home and internationally.

– Miriam Turner

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