Megan: “Simbi Helps the World Become a Better Place”

The following story is written by Megan Chapman, a member from High Point, North Carolina, USA.  Megan is a college student who is busy trying to start two different companies, a publishing company and a professional tarot card reading company.

I found Simbi in late June of 2017 while in search of a group of people willing to trade services. I was fresh off a semester of college and needed somewhere to use my education to start building a professional career. Specifically, I was looking for a community where I could gain real-world experience and Simbi was the perfect fit for me. I joined without hesitation and made my first deal, a website designed for my publishing company. Since then, I have found an amazing community of people willing to teach and give to complete strangers.

Because of this community, I was able to make my dream of building an audio drama podcast come true. The podcast is still in production, but the entire project has been facilitated using Simbi services. Whether partnering with a fellow writer or hiring voiceover actors, I have built my entire publishing company website through the talented community of Simbi.

Through Simbi, I have learned about languages, cultures, and lifestyles that I would otherwise never have had the chance to understand. Not only that, but Simbi has helped provide some of the comfort needed in times of struggle. A month or so after I joined, I found myself questioning my purpose in life and I realized my entire direction needed to change. Through Simbi, I found a wellness coach and fitness coach that offered the support I needed to change and I slowly began rebuilding the shape of my life in the direction it needed to go.

The amount of heart and compassion on Simbi reminds us all that the world does not have to be a bad place; if we choose to add good into it by giving back joyfully, we can change the lives of those who desperately need it.

The possibilities and the powers of the Simbi community are endless. The potential impact it has on lives around the world is awe-inspiring for me to consider. Through Simbi, I have built a tribe of amazing people whose goals are to inspire and give generously. These are the same goals I wish to strive for and achieve in my daily life.

I would say to anyone else using Simbi, or for those even considering it, to harness your passions. Be engaged with what you choose to offer. Give freely and joyfully of your time to help your local community or your global community, especially in times of need. Simbi has already brought together the heart of the world, now we just need to make sure it keeps going. As I said before, the possibilities of Simbi are endless. The impact that something like Simbi can have to give those who don’t otherwise have a chance is endless. Simbi is what the world needs now, to offer relief in the events like Harvey and Irma, to devastated peoples around the world.

Megan C.

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