Kate: “So Much Support Through Simbi”

The following story is written by Kate B., a member from Ulverstone, Tasmania, AUS.  Kate loves to travel, enjoys yoga, fitness and meditation. She is a certified Grow Health Coach and has her B.A. in education, health and physical education.


Why is Simbi so supportive? My name is Kate and I have found Simbi to be supportive in so many ways. I can effectively provide a service for someone’s request and support them, as well as, I can effectively receive support for a service for my own request, no matter where we live in the world ! Hence, in my experience, Simbi is a win ~ win for all.

I was first introduced to Simbi through my business mentor who often emails resources she has tried and tested. They are usually free. I’ve applied most of her recommended resources and of all the resources presented to me over this year, I have found Simbi to be one of the most outstanding. I have continued to apply and benefit from Simbi since joining.  I’m sure this will continue in the future as well. Furthermore, it does not require any money.

The feeling of achievement and the sense of giving/helping seems to be enhanced because no money is required. The tasks I have helped with can take a few minutes to complete, or larger tasks can be completed, if chosen.

I have found Simbi to work very smoothly for service requests and service providers. Maybe its the ‘money’ that is the cause of many ‘real world’ glitches ?!! Hence, it would be wonderful if this type of community existed offline. I’m certain it would function effectively, as we already see this with some aspects of charity organizations and with the way Simbi functions online already.

I also can’t help but wonder if this could be a fabulous resource for the elderly, many of whom may sit in a retirement home feeling ‘worthless’ because they don’t have the opportunity, or sometimes physically cannot get about to help others. I’m sure it would definitely boost their self esteem and allow their lifetime skills to bring greater benefits worldwide! I guess they would never have believed it possible if it were to happen 🙂

Sometimes I have to stop for a minute too, and be thankful for the quality of support I have received via Simbi. There are many very qualified “Simbians” throughout the community, all serving for free. To all those whom I have dealt with, “thank you” again. I am really looking forward to further, “oh-so-supportive” giving and receiving through Simbi. What a fabulous find and an ‘all round benefit bringer’ to this world, without the need for money!

Kate B.

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  1. I love this idea about bringing Simbi to retirement and nursing homes! I could see this being a program offered like arts and crafts, with maybe a worker doing the computer part if they aren’t tech-savvy, and them doing the service (especially for things like knitting, or maybe they need warm socks/blankets made for them, etc).

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you Janette!
      My 89 year Young Fstger lives in a wonderful Laguna Beach,Cal Partial assisted living home with his wife of 35 yrs.
      They have many workshops and activities , and the average age is over 90!!
      I have an idea to design a simple 5 week class in Legacy Writing w the Elders where they share their life stories, wisdom, loneliness, and dreams.
      Simbi. Com would be a perfect adjunct community for widows and mildly tech saavy Elders.
      When we have a sense of a meaningful life we feel content

  2. Yes, Janettee that’s some wonderful extended ideas to bring Simbi within the retirement and nursing homes, that Im sure would work! The “elderly” have many skills and experience that really need to continue to be shared …. another win ~win for all it would seem! Thank you for your creative and thoughtful comments.

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