Danielle: “Tell me what inspires you”

The following is a story written by Danielle Martinez, a member based in Corona, CA. She just graduated from PA school and is currently studying for her certification exam. Danielle loves to heal and is always excited for the opportunity to do so. She hopes to be a lifelong learner of both Western and Eastern medicine.

“Tell me what inspires you.”

I exhale. What a deep question! I’ve been on Simbi less than a week, and already, I can’t believe the changes it has induced within me. Change I didn’t ask for, but must have wanted, because I can’t sign into the site enough.

Since it wasn’t change I was looking for, what exactly inspired me to join Simbi? To be honest, I’m not sure. Maybe I got swept into the excitement of something new. Maybe my thirst for knowledge had the chance to be quenched without the restraint of money. Maybe I looked forward to being part of a new community.

Or maybe I was tired of Craigslist’s barter section not really being a barter section. Whatever it was, it brought me to this moment: I’m searching through community requests, seeing what I could possibly help with, and that request is glaring at me.

“Tell me what inspires you.”

Hmmm, good question. What does inspire me, and why on earth would I share something so personal with a complete stranger?

I look at the user’s picture. He looks friendly. That’s not much of a surprise; everyone I have met on Simbi so far has been nothing but friendly. Everyone wants to learn. Everyone wants to trade. Everyone is happy to share their skills. Nobody seems to care about money. Everyone wants to respect your time. This is refreshing. I have yet to run into a group, online or in real life, that seems to operate like this.

I click on the user’s profile. He’s got great reviews and recommendations. It’s endearing to see. I do not take words lightly at all, and I carefully think out everything I say. It may sound dramatic, but I consider my words to be pieces of my soul, and I could never say or write anything I didn’t mean. Seeing as how everyone I have met has been nothing except positive, I infer they also must feel this to a certain extent.

So…why not? I click on the Conversation tab and see if the user would like to have an exchange of services or simbi. What change will this bring if he says yes?

I can’t be sure. I’ve already completed at least five deals prior to this interaction. When I signed onto each one, I thought “Ooo this will be fun! I can’t wait to see what I learn, and I sure hope I help in return!”

What I didn’t expect was for some fiber of my being to alter. Whatever I thought I knew about my skills was challenged, and gave me a deeper understanding of what I can do. I always enjoy what I do, both professionally and as a hobby, there’s no question about that. However, there were always a few things I was less than sure of, mainly because I had never shared them with anyone beyond a few close friends. What if my knowledge wasn’t as sturdy as I thought? What if my hobbies were little more than a joke?

My concerns had been in vain. Not only were my skills well received, but they were enhanced just by opening up this new world for me. It’s been a short time and I’ve already learned and gotten so much. I cannot wait for more.

“Tell me what inspires you.”

I read the request again and smile. Regardless of what the user says and how I answer (which I’m sure will be another story all by itself), the request has got me thinking, and I realize that Simbi has already inspired me.

Danielle M.

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