Lisa: “Help and support for a stay-at-home mom”

The following is a story written by Lisa Cole, a member based in Henderson, NV. She holds a Master’s Degree in Music Performance: Clarinet from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Minnesota. Lisa is a mom of 3 children: twin 9-year-olds and a baby, and uses Simbi as a resource to receive help and support during busy times.

One fine day about a month ago, a Simbi Facebook ad caught my interest immediately. At first I thought I would have to find someone who wanted my services (clarinet lessons) and who also happened to be providing something I wanted (housekeeping or babysitting). My aunt had often suggested that I try to do some bartering like this, but it is difficult to find a match like that. Luckily, I soon realized that you don’t have to just trade services. You can actually get started receiving services right away by giving away some of your simbi credits (some of which you receive for free just for signing up). Of course I signed up right away and was eager to get started.

I would suggest that new members do a quick, small deal for 1 simbi to get started. I paid 1 simbi to “receive a sincere compliment”. Then once you complete your first deal, you have access to the more experienced members of the community. I don’t know why all of my friends haven’t signed up yet, unless they just have tons of extra money floating around and couldn’t use some free services! Maybe they are concerned with the safety of meeting with “strangers,” but I feel very safe with everyone here. You can see how many deals they’ve completed as well as their approval rating. You can also see all the recommendations and comments from others who have worked with them.

I have a baby and 9-year-old twin girls, so I really appreciated the help from the Symbiotic community packing and cleaning up my old apartment to get ready to move out of state while my husband was away.

Normally I would not have been able to afford such services, but with Simbi it was possible! I ended up getting all of my security deposit back, which would have been impossible without the maid services I received through Simbi!

I asked Vikki, my Simbi housekeeper, what she was planning on using her credits for. She said she was saving up for an electrician to come to her home. It is so great that we were able to help each other!

Then once I moved from Burbank, CA to Henderson, NV, I found more people through Simbi to help me unpack, organize, and do some odd handyman jobs in the new house. It has been so amazing! I’ve had fun providing services, too, such as editing and grammar help, and help listing an apartment for rent.

One time, I helped a lady by making a quick YouTube video of my baby liking her soap. I received 2 bars of her natural goat’s milk soap and 25 simbi. It was so easy and such a great deal. I even got simbi credits for voting in the last presidential election! I wasn’t registered to vote yet, so the extra incentive of earning simbi helped me get out there and vote. I’m so grateful for this community and I think I’ve told just about everyone I know about it! I do hope Simbi will continue to grow and flourish. This has been an easy way for me, as a stay-at-home mom, to help others and also receive some much-needed help and support. Thank you so much to the founders of Simbi!

Lisa C.

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