Matt: “Simbi – A collaborative community where entrepreneurism comes to life”

The following is a story written by Matt Vasquez, a member based in Pontiac, MI. A jack of all trades, Matt is a registered nurse as well as a creative director at a marketing company. He believes that everyone has something to contribute to the world.

I have only used Simbi for less than 2 weeks, and I am completely enmeshed in the community. I have always been a “jack of all trades,” but realistically putting that into motion in the real world is less than idyllic. When money is involved, people, in my opinion, can be very difficult to work with. And work is just that: work. When you take that aspect away, and we are doing things we like, and trading for things we want, we see value in our skills. Suddenly things you have done for “work” are no longer work. You are now helping someone out with something they really need. And in return these people are saying, “I may not be able to pay you, but I offer this great assortment of other things I can do for you.” I love this about Simbi. People are so grateful for your help, and often very kind when you work with them.

The world for thousands of years was a barter system economy, and I think this idea not only brings people together, but it is proof that everyone has something to contribute to the world.

Whether I need my taxes done, a handmade card sent to me, some relationship advice, or just someone to make me laugh, Simbi helps me accomplish all those things in exchange for something I can give back. To me, Simbi is about giving; giving to the world, to others, and to yourself. You quickly find that a lot of people find usefulness in your work and advice.

Now, I have a job already. Two, actually. I am a registered nurse and I am also the creative director for a marketing company. I have lately been spending my free time using Simbi, though, and even my girlfriend remarks on how much I have been involved with Simbi. I have to say, the reason I am so drawn to Simbi is because I always browse the site and say to myself, “Oh wow, that would be cool! I’d love that.” I mean, where else can you hire a fire dancer in exchange for a few minutes of something you’re good at? I love helping others, and I enjoy sharing my experience with the world. I can do things that are inconceivable to some but is second nature to me, and I don’t have to charge a large sum of money. I love that I can help aspiring writers, musicians, and business people with getting started. Sometimes it just means a business card, but sometimes it’s very personal, like an album cover or a book cover. These are things that people have invested a lot of life into, and they want something that represents that. No longer am I creating boring work for a client. I am helping an artist grow and I am contributing to their life.

I see a lot of creativity on Simbi, and I have to say that this method of community has brought about the most positive interactions I have ever seen.

People are working together to make something amazing. I hope Simbi continues to grow and gain more members, because we all have something we can contribute to the world. What will you contribute?

Matt V.

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