Megan: “My motivation to create artwork”

The following is a story written by Megan Christensen, a member based Salt Lake City, UT. Megan is an artist and writer who recently took the leap to freelancing, and is using Simbi to perfect her skills by offering her artwork. She has knowledge and interests in various topics, such as political activism, meditation, and outdoor adventures.

I found Simbi about two months ago and have found it to be incredibly useful and rewarding. Before joining, I looked around the site and found many interesting skillsets that people had to share — things you don’t normally see advertised. It made me realize how multi-faceted and gifted people are! You don’t often get to use your hobbies as a means of trade, and so it was refreshing to see. After joining, I was in communication with other users almost immediately. I was commissioned for artwork an hour after posting my first trade. That’s incredible and unheard of in most art circles!

The best part about Simbi for me has been the motivation to do artwork.

Now I have deadlines to meet and orders to follow-through on. I get to create custom work for people, and get a glimpse into their own aesthetics. It’s really fun to try and capture that in a piece for them.

Almost a year ago I quit my full-time job at a University to pursue and develop my skills in writing and art (I have degrees in both, but haven’t had a chance to use them since graduating). And while I’ve progressed in both areas quite a bit, the actual selling of content has been challenging because I’ve lacked motivation. Simbi is teaching me how to produce and create content in a professional way. Because I’m working with clients for both writing and art, I can see what works in my content and what doesn’t. I’m starting to hone in on which aspects of my work are eye-catching and valuable to others, and that’s priceless!

I’ve been able to find different individuals willing to help me create a website featuring my artwork, which is something I have needed for years. It’s great to be able to use someone else’s’ skillsets and to trade for what you need. There is something extremely equalizing about it, and I appreciate the work others do.

I’ve also been exposed to others’ artwork and hobbies that have added value to my life. I am in the process of trading a custom painting with a young woman who handcrafts journals. I am so excited for this trade because her work is gorgeous, and I think she will like what I am doing for her in exchange.

If we didn’t have Simbi, we would likely have never been exposed to each other’s work, and been able to create an awesome trade!

I’m hoping to continue working with Simbi members on a regular basis, and to continue creating custom work for people who want it. It’s so valuable having a means of getting original artwork and skillsets, which are often out of price range for many of us. I look forward to meeting and working with other artists and writers and continuing to get my work out there. Simbi is a great way to find exposure in many facets of life. I really believe in the message and goal of this website, to create a new and accessible means of trading that eliminates the need for money.

Megan C.

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