Angy: “How People Can Benefit From Other People”

The following story is written by Angy Habashy, a member from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.  Angy is an expert professional in marketing, sales, business development, and so much more. She is passionate about helping companies to become “greener” and working within a smaller budget without compromising the quality of product or service.

Working as a social media marketer, graphic designer, and website developer I have met many small business owners and artists who have needed help with different services relating to my field of work. I am constantly searching for different websites and apps that benefit them; this is the main reason I signed up with Simbi, to see how it can be of benefit to my clients. I am a firm believer that small business owners and artists are the backbone of America’s economy and culture. This is the reason I started a marketing company in 2013 to serve small business owners and artists. Simbi helps to promote those talented individuals in order to help them succeed in their ambitions.

The first ten minutes on the website, a Simbi member asked me for a logo for her business and I was glad to serve her. It was in this moment when I fell in love with Simbi. It is a “scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” philosophy. I admire this concept because no one in the world can do all without the aid of others.

Simbi members are talented and skilled people, but they may need help in other areas to develop their businesses or projects. For example, I have helped many Simbi members with their businesses logos, websites, and videos. In exchange, they have helped me with editing, creative writing, voice acting and map-making for my book.

Before I discovered this amazing website, I had a hard time looking for designers, editors, and beta readers for my fantasy book. I needed skilled and talented people to help me with this project. I tried to look for them on the internet, however, I found no one because it was difficult to talk to them or have a productive conversation with them. Simbi members are more laid back and interactions are much more comfortable.

My biggest flaw has been that I cannot ask people for help. Many people have disappointed me in the past because they did not do my work accurately.  To sum it up, I tried to do everything on my own. A voice inside me was continually nagging me and telling me that I needed the help of skilled people and that I couldn’t do everything on my own. I struggled to ignore this voice until I found Simbi.

Simbi is not for everyone because many people focus more on financial gain and are unaware of the other amazing benefits. Some of the benefits of using Simbi are networking, community, business development, and education. In the future, I know I will find people who can see the benefits of using Simbi and who will apply their skills to this growing community.

Angy H.

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